Collection thread of errors in the bush trips

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  1. Flight plan remains loaded only at the first leg in the GPS.
    Here is an error in the storage. After you have finished the 1st leg and returned to the main menu, the block [GPS_Engine] is deleted in the *_SAVE.FLT.

  2. Starting is often no longer possible in the event of a crash.
    If you have crashed somewhere and are over water or between trees, no further progress is possible. The last save at Crash should let the flight start from the last takeoff airport.

  3. The sim rate can no longer be adjusted.
    This function is helpful for long flights over deserts or oceans to prevent the flight from becoming boring. Here the creator should have the possibility to allow the time compression or not. This function is also very important for the creators when they test bush trips. It is useful to go through the waypoints faster, because all POIs have to be tested several times.

  4. After aborting a leg, the information in the navlog disappears or is no longer complete.

  5. The translation of the waypoints does not work. Instead of “Waypoint name”, “” is displayed.

  6. The number of words or characters is limited for DialogActions/InstructorDialogActions.

  7. You can play sound files only in the first leg. A sound file in subsequent Legs causes not played.

  8. Self-created landmarks (fauna, POI, cities) are no longer displayed.
    It’s fine with me if Bush Trips don’t show up the whole sign forest that is now in MSFS. However, I would like to be allowed to point out certain things that are not recognizable as such in the MSFS. For example: This is the house where Angela Merkel grew up, or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in this house, or Ernest Hemingway once lived here. This is also not possible in combination with ActivateWaypointAction or PointOfInterestActivationAction, which would have been an alternative.

  9. Taxi Ribbon in Bush Trips.
    Bush Trips are not always limited to small airfields. If ATC is used, it is hard to find the parking space assigned by ATC at a large International Airport. If it is not found, ATC will not display the dialog for the next takeoff. This is especially annoying if the end of the leg is to be triggered via the “ParkingTrigger”.

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One more:

  1. RequestTeleportAction does not work properly
    Will transport to new Lat/Lon/Alt. a millisecond later, the plane falls down to ground. This leads to plane crash immediately after Teleport (when chrash mode is on) or a plane on ground mid of wood/buildings/water.

to be continued.

  1. If you start the next leg after a leg end, there is no entry in the logbook. There are logbook entries only when you return to the main menu after leg end.

Some problems that appear randomly:

  • Logs not showing take-offs or landings correctly.
  • Sometimes when I return to a trip, I re-spawn in the wrong place.
  • Sometimes landing will trigger a leg completion, sometimes not.
  • Checkmarks for completed legs sometimes missing.
  • Percentage of completion remains at 0% in bush trip menus no matter what has been completed.
  • Suggested work-arounds sometimes work, sometimes not
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  1. Helicopters do not take off in bush trips after SU8 and therefore cannot be used for bush trips.
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But if you return to the main menu, the GPS plan is blank for the next leg :man_facepalming: Workaround is to hit continue after each leg, and then return to the main menu…this core functionality should be fixed by now.

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Yes, you can do that but then there is an entry of for example 0:02 h in the logbook, although you have flown 1.20 h. If you want to have the flown time in the logbook and go to the main menu, the flight plan is gone. This is exactly the bug that needs to be fixed.

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Seems we get the issues addressed (and potential new bugs) in SU X (July)

I have seen the video and I really hope that at least the most serious problems will be fixed.
~1:00:00: Twitch

I noticed in an Australia bush trip that if you close and reopen the Navlog, if you’d started the time, the time resets to zero and the timer stops, and any collapsed segments reopen. It’s also happening in the Malaga bush trip.

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This is another bug introduced with SU 8.
All of the pop-up windows (Navlog, VFR-chart, ATC, Checklist) are not longer able to store their current state. No matter if in a bushtrip or any other flight.

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Within the Pyrenees Bush trip (leg 3) the Nav prompt is all over the place and incorrect. It is though this has been cut and paste from the first one and forgotten about. See picture below. This is a bit sloppy.

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Please don’t forget the missing Airport in the Balkan Bush trip: Unable to complete Bush Trip Leg since patch 2 - #23 by Hoekstes

And please be careful not to reset progress when fixing save/load of bush trips. Please!

Hello everyone,

The team shared a statement regarding Bush Trip issue on the last dev update.

I’m closing this thread as is not specific to one issue and cannot be addressed in its current state.

Bush Trips related issues are logged and we’ll make sure to raise once again the list of issues listed above.

Thank you.