Color Banding Issue

I don’t agree that using a color picker for a single pixel is scientific.
The brain doesn’t interpret color like that.

A and B are the same shade of gray (#707070) according to a color picker, but absolutely not to a human brain.

Can you see any purple here, where I simply compressed the levels a bit?

I see the same effect in both images; this is just more exaggerated.
Note which color Photoshop assigns as the closest web-safe color in the small box next to the selected color.


It’s scientific, because if your brain is making the mistakes then the game can’t be blamed for it. My brain doesn’t see a lot of optical illusions either. I have colour picked optical illusions, and the colour pick agrees with me.

What’s more important: what the human brain perceives, or what a color picker says?
Personally, I prefer game render engines to follow human perception.


Well that would be silly, because ray tracing will trace the sky to the clouds, and you want ray tracing to use your brain instead.

I can hold the colour picker button down and slide the mouse all over the cloud to get instant feedback, and every shade is blue. There is no purple at all in the image. Real clouds would be like that so you would see the same optical illusion in real clouds.

Doesn’t anybody notice?

The color gradient in the sky is extremely rasterized.
This is one of the latest screenshots in this thread


I would agree that it’s not quite purple which the color picker reads. It’s more a pale blue. However it is a rather harsh injection of that color when viewed in the context of the whole image. More harsh divides between light and dark have been added in SU5. SubtotalGuide81’s shot from this thread best demonstrates the issue.



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Not quite purple? It’s about as far into the blue as you can go away from purple. Purple contains red, so look how far away from the red it is. You probably mean that clouds don’t contain blue, they don’t reflect it, because they are diffuse. In which case they would be transparent, and show blue through instead. Maybe transparency was replaced with blueness?

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What? R 141 B 189. It’s contains almost as red as it does blue.

Still, though: who cares what the exact color is, or what its name is? It looks weird.


Added a screenshot submission to the screenshot contest and a little nudge on the color banding issue. Hope we can see it resolved.


I’ve noticed colour banding issues as well with SU5. Hope it’s fixed in the future. I got a 1440p monitor I got my colour set to 10 bit still banding.

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Yes indeed, I hope Asobo knows about this and is working on restoring the dynamic range.




No way to know for sure. The thread Clouds look like oil painting, which is also dealing with these banding issues, got the [Bug logged] tag, but not the new gizmo image.

Therefore, a Zendesk report should be filed by anyone reading this thread and wanting the issue resolved.

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some people claimed banding not being a thing with HDR, but here i am on my 10-bit HDR monitor and i see it quite noticably :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope this gets addressed quickly, it’s so annoying.


On my monitor (Samsung C27HG70) I see banding in SDR but not in HDR10


Playing MFS on my LG C9 and it looks pretty bad on PC. It is not just the skies but water too. The Xbox was pretty good. Probably doesn’t help that I run mostly ultra settings for a sharper look.

This is not good.
Not sure if this is a cloud issue or color issue, or both.


Well they found the issue and it has been fixed, but apparantly we have to wait TILL FEBRUARY…
This is a problem for content creators foremost as it gets only worse with YT compression etc.
But it kills immersion for me personally like some of you here.

I’d wish they’d push a small hotfix for this, i don’t get why they won’t…
a minor patch comeon…


Thanks for the update, do you happen to have the info source for the fix?

I have been really busy and have not had a chance to catch up with any updates on this.

Seb from Asobo mentioned it in the last dev Q&A session yesterday. The fix will be available in the update that will follow the SU7 (we don’t have the release date exactly. Maybe in january with the next Australia World update).