Color of autogen trees

The autogen trees’ color in MSFS seems to be matched (or at least correlated) with the color of the ground from satellite image. If the tree color from satellite is in brown (such as in Utah or Arizona areas) then the autogen trees turns into brown color, which is not very realistic.

My question is: is there a way we can turn off the color match (or correlation) function between the autogen tree color and the ground color of satellite image? Thanks.

Answer is no! the Landclass is one season globally until such time as Asobo(Or 3rd party developer) introduce seasons. However there is a tree mod (payware) that you can use that has all four seasons. I have it. Works great.

I’m not talking about the color of season. I’m talking about the matched color between autogen trees and the color of the ground.

And that’s Landclass. And not modelled. Orbx did LC for P3d and FSX. This is what you are looking for. Each Region has specific trees and ground colours at any given time of the year. LandClass.!!!

I think , it’s not in the first place a landclass thing. The trees, bushes, grasses take up the ground colour to get a more seemless blending, which would otherwise lead to a stark contrast. So it depends on imagery data. I don’t think it would look better without that correlation.
But there’s certainly room for refinement.

We were just talking about that trees last night and how amazing they are on one hand, and a tad generic and linear in colour on the other. Bottom line, I’m amazed computers and consoles even switch in and do anything at all, let alone allow me to engage in activities such as flying around my own area where I live. It’s a technical marvel. But, yeah improvements can be made, and trees seem to be rather over-used and just reflect satellite colour rather than actual terrain. But, again, it’s incredible what they have done and things are only going to get better and more detailed from here, and ultimately become the GETEAGE (game engine to end all game engines).

It is true. The trees and bushes reflect the color of what’s on the ground. So a green tree on green grass will appear very green but the same bush on Australian red soil desert will appear brown and reddish.
In some cases it works great and it blends better with environment and create variation of colors. Many in few occasion it’s not working as great.
Regardless, that’s the way it is and nothing can be done about it. However the real modeled 3d trees don’t have this issue.

Here is the perfect example. Most trees here have same color but the ground under has some dark and light areas. The brighter trees have bright ground texture. Therefore it creates a nice color variations.

This is Spring season:

This looks perfectly fine for me :slight_smile: but it is still possible to implement a ReShade to tone down the colours and the colour intensity a little bit. Just a matter of taste.

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