Combining manual cache with data streaming

So my question is this. Does manual caching only work when you’re in offline mode or can you combine with data streaming of Bing data? I don’t have the best internet so I’d like to manually cache photogrammatery regions but keep online streaming for everywhere else so I don’t have to manually cache huge areas. Will this work or is it a one or other situation?

Manual caching downloads the area of your choice saving having to stream it even if you’re online or offline. Just means you wont have to stream in the areas you have choosen to download ( saving bandwith ) I manual cached the whole of the isle of white while also being online, I fly over the isle of white alot so this saves me having to use this in the rolling cache - flying over the area means i dont have to stream it which improves performance. i have good internet so the difference isnt that noticable for me. good option is you can cache in high detail which means flying over those saved areas at high altitude looks fantastic. If your internet isn’t that good, you can choose those areas you fly over alot and manual cache them for offline as well as online :slight_smile: the only issue is high quality can take up alot of space eventually.

Oh great thanks. So can you save the cache file in a separate drive to the one your fs2020 is installed in eg an external hard drive?

Ok so it doesn’t work for me. Just created a manual cache of my local area, saved to my external hard drive and went offline and the scenery is only the offline scenery/low detail etc

hI Ape, did you go thru this post to ensure you followed the steps to cache?

I think the manual cache is flawed as of now providing little to no benefit in terms of both quality and performance.

Yes I followed this. The only thing I can think of is the manualcache.CCC file may still be located in the original file path rather than the new one I assigned to my external hard drive

That didn’t work. So it’s seems manual cache doesn’t work yet?