Community Folder items cannot be copied or removed

I don’t remember or know anything about virtual drives so I am pretty sure I did not put them in virtual memory on purpose.

Your new Installed Packages Path of I:\Packages looks fine.

The question is what is there?

My FS2020 is on my D drive and folder which is D:\FS2020.

The Official folder is FS2020.

What does yours look like?
And, are there any file in the Official folder?

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Well, looking at your FS2020 folder, you have folders in it that I cannot find on my computer (any drive).

Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator Digital Owner… are not findable.

ROLLINGCACHE.CCC is in the Users\Owner\appData etc. the same place as the UserCfg.opt.

My MSFS is controlled by the XBox program where I can see in the Xbox menu my digital ownership certificate not once but 3 times.

I think everything is all botched up. I just followed installs during updates per requests of the installation messages when starting up MSFS. Some installs said to use The Xbox program to install from other updates requested going to OneStore. It seems totally unorganized as to how updates get installed.

I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and totally uninstall MSFS then make a fresh install. Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure I have it all uninstalled before doing a fresh install? I guess I will not be flying for a while. Although, I can fly now in its current configuration. It just seems like it is a mess as how it is set up.

I was a pre release Beta tester and that may be what has caused the set up to be a bit strange.

Thanks again guys!

You should keep that zip of your community folder so you can easily get your addons back!

Simply uninstall the sim from the Apps and Features section in Windows
You may want to try the “Move” function in there first though, just to confirm again that it didn’t work.
If you do delete, after the uninstall finishes, delete all of the remaining folders that are left over on your hard drive.
Ensure you have done all your Window’s updates, then start the re-install.

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Thanks, I will keep your suggestions in mind.

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I re-opened this topic and moved it to #self-service:install-performance-graphics in the hope others who are having this issue may benefit from this thread.

Thank You! It works moving my Community folder to a new drive.