Companion App

Hey there, I think a companion app having the following features would greatly help with enhancing the experience.


  • show VFR map on App
  • radio settings
  • general button layout for planes (allows pressing and interacting with certain buttons on a table for instance)
  • settings menues that are on top of the screen while flying (weather, camera, navlog…)

I really do hope that this get’s tackled at some point. Would also love to hear what everybody else thinks about this.


Great idea, I was just searching the app store today to see if one was already made. I would even pay for a subscription based on capabilities.

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An older thread here, but thought just drop a link to this MSFS Mobile Companion App thread here and the link - it still appears to be working but has not received updates for a while.

@Topper1988 would you mind sharing if this app is still being updated?

There are quite a number of threads about different apps; what one could call “companion” apps …

  • AirTrack (iOS) is one that works with MSFS and features useful features, like a radio stack, EFIS and FMC - updates are rather seldom unfortunately and high price compared to other apps.
  • The Navigraph Android App or iOS App will show charts and a moving map.
  • Lots of aircraft now feature a EFB that can also run a server, which you can load up on a tablet or other device with a web browser - this can often be used to control the FMC.

In general…

  • A quick search on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store will show you many apps that work with Microsoft Flight Simulator (although some are for older versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator) and some are for X-Plane.

  • There are lots of tools available that work with this sim; flight planners, moving maps, remote FMCs, touch screen options for controlling MSFS and more! You can use the search feature here on the forum to check out some thread about these apps.

This is a wish for an official MSFS app but I think they have bigger fish to save at the moment.

Hi @JoachimJoeS! Thanks for sharing the MSFS Mobile Companion App here. It’s true that I haven’t updated the app for some time. Fortunately, I haven’t abandoned the app, it’s just that I didn’t have much time to work on it. Frankly I haven’t really played MSFS the past year. Nevertheless, I’m confident I’ll return to the sim and the Companion App later this year.


Hi @Topper1988, roger that - thanks for your quick reply - okay some updates might come then, I’ll keep notifications on - in any case thanks :+1: for the contribution with your app.

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