MSFS Mobile Companion App - Map, NAV, AP and more [New Freeware Released]

EDIT 19/12/2020: Check out the thread about the latest version: MSFS Mobile Companion App v1.3 Released - Added FLC, lights, deicing, GPS track line [Freeware].

EDIT 21/11/2020: Check out the thread about version 1.2: MSFS Mobile Companion App v1.2 Update - Added COMs and more [Freeware]

EDIT 11/11/2020: Check out the thread about version 1.1: MSFS Mobile Companion App - [Update 1.1] Improved AP and UI

I’m happy to announce the release of the MSFS Mobile Companion App - a tool that allows you to control essential aircraft instruments such as NAV frequencies or autopilot using almost any mobile device. The MSFS Mobile Companion App is free to use.

MSFS Mobile Companion App features: [EDIT 21/11/2020, version 1.2]

  • Moving Map (Open Street Maps).
  • NAV 1/2 frequency and OBS 1/2 selection.
  • ADF frequency and ADF card selection.
  • COM 1/2 and transponder selection.
  • Autopilot with altitude, vertical speed, and airspeed settings.
  • Gyro drift and altimeter pressure settings.
  • Landing ratings (vertical speed at touchdown).
  • Simulation rate controls.

Where can I get the MSFS MCA?
You can download the app here from GitHub or from It’s free. No in-app purchases, no hidden costs.

How do I run MSFS MCA?
Make sure your PC and your mobile device are connected to the same local network. Start a flight and launch the app. Then open the IP-address as instructed in the command prompt that launches with MSFS MCA. For more information visit the GitHub project page.

Which devices are supported?
Practically any device with a web browser is supported. You can use MSFS MCA on your PC locally, a second notebook, Mac, Android or iOS device. Even Windows Phone should work. Beware that older devices may not work properly.

Are there any bugs?
Sure, there are. You’ll find a list of known issues on the GitHub page.

What future development plans do you have?
I’d love to get feedback from the community and see whether you like it. I will be adding additional functionalities later. I might for example merge it with my previous tool, the MSFS Landing Inspector. I’m developing MSFS MCA because I’m very passionate about this sim, but please keep in mind that I’m doing this in my free time.

Enjoy and let me know whether you like it!


Wow that looks interesting. Will certainly try. Thank you very much for your work and for sharing.

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I have signed in to GITHUB, and tried to find the file(s) to download, but no matter how I search I get this response “ we couldn’t find any repositories matching ‘MSFS-Mobile-Companion-App’.

This is on my Windows 10 Pro PC.

I am not a computer whiz, so I really don’t know how to do this.

Looks like a great app so would really like a URL to the download.
Thank you!

Strange, try this link:

If that still doesn’t work, you can now also get it here:

The last url worked!

Now testing on an A320 from KPDX to KSEA.


App does not follow plane…

Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t tested the app with the A320 much because mostly fly GA. Please use the NAV Direct tab for VOR frequencies.

Regarding the issue that the map is not following the plane - do you see the :airplane: icon on the map? Or does the map stay in the default location which is Bratislava? The way it should work is that it starts in Bratislava and then after 3-4 seconds moves to your location. After another 1 to 4 seconds, the :airplane: icon should appear. Could you please give me additional details on the issue?

That works perfectly…I was just too impatient!

Will check if anything else works…

The Map is”worth the price of admission”!

Congratulations on your excellent App!

Thanks! But I’ve got to say that it wouldn’t be possible without the great work of the Python SimConnect dev. Let me know of you encounter any issues or if you have feature requests.

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On launching the App tonight, the command prompt flashes on and disappers before i can read the setting.

Just seen this.
Question: does your great looking app have the ability to display the target [or any for that matter]
airport chart with taxiway/ parking bay and freq information?
If not is this something you intend to implement in a future iteration?

Many thanks.


Sorry to hear about this. There are a few we can try to solve the issue:

  1. Did you start MSFS_MCA.exe before launching MSFS? The app will crash if it doesn’t see MSFS running. You have to launch MSFS_MCA.exe after you start MSFS - preferably after you’ve loaded up your flight.

  2. To see the error message, try running MSFS_MCA.exe from within a command prompt window. Just in case you need it - see this short tutorial on how to use the command prompt.

Let me know if this helped.

No, it doesn’t. It just takes OpenStreetMaps and tracks your plane. Implementing this feature would, however, require a substantial amount of work which goes beyond the scope of this “little freeware tool I develop in my free time”. Besides, I think there are already 3rd party apps that support this.

For now, future development will concentrate on bug fixes and adding new switches/controls.

working fine for me …keep up the good work

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I’m just testing it and it’s really COOL!!! Congratulations for your effort & time… keep working on it, please.

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Thanx in advance. Sure I will try the app (in the moment I’m a bit busy).

idea is great, ui is clean and simple. Loved it. Thank you very much.

No matter.
I shall, anyway, try out your excellent looking product.
Thank you in advance for all your efforts.
And a big up to you ‘small’ developers!

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Howdy! It looks like an awesome tool from the screenshots but where can I dowload the App for my Samsung S9? Is it the same link as it is for the PC exe from Github?

I see there is an ip typed in the browser but why do you say launch the app?

EDIT: I have to type the ip that shows up from the cmd window into my mobile browser.

EDIT2: When I type in the Ip no website opens