Comparison between Regdesigns CYYZ and Flytampa CYYZ

The links are in the video FlyTampa CYYZ vs RegDesign CYYZ | MSFS | Comparison Video - YouTube


Thanks for the xo parison was curious to see the differences.

I bought Reg yesterday not sure if I’ll buy FT as well.

I also bought the Reg version and tempted to pick up the FT version.

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I have never visited the real airport but I am now hearing the Regdesign version is more up to date.

But Flytampa is a dollar cheaper :laughing:

Any chance @FilbertFlies we get a review that compares the two?

Will definitely get one of them, but haven’t decided which one yet.


Had a friend try it out yesterday and they indicated they got a 50FPS loss there. I didn’t experience that, but I tried before SU8 (day before) so maybe something to do with that.

Haven’t re-checked myself.

Just re-checked and no issues with FPS on my system. Taxi’d all around the gates, taxiways and runways. ~58FPS (everything on Ultra) and ~48FPS when I popped my panels out.

I’m afraid not. RegDesigns have declined to provide a copy and I can’t justify the expense of a second version of Toronto that I probably will only use to make a single video. I’m working on a review of FlyTampa’s version though, which should be out by the end of the day (UK time).


Totally understand that, nonetheless, looking forward to the FlyTampa review!

I can vouch for your friend’s experience, at least in VR. The performance hit was so terrible that my PC freezes on approach in VR. Haven’t tried 2d but that’s irrelevant to me. This happened when I first tried TNCM by Airworthy. They optimized that scenery in two updates and now it’s very usable. I am hopeful that REG will do the same.

Looks like they are getting to work on it, from their Discord.

“Let the update work begin! We are now currently in the works for re mapping UVs and going through the process of retexturing using tiles. This will save a significant amount of file size as well as reduce the GPU VRAM load considerably. This will not only increase performance, but will make texture quality (PBR) and sharpness greater than before!”

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Posted this in another thread, but thought it would apply here.

At @Crunchmeister71 request, I loaded back into YYZ and checked the dedicated memory usage. Just loading in I was at 12.8GB used, after touring aorund awhile in and out of terminal areas, taxiways, runways, etc… I was averaged 20.4GB used.

All settings on Ultra with 400LOD. (3090).

This would line up with Crunch’s theory on the GPU’s and the airport not being optomized and in turn unusable for anyone with low VRAM.

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Just had a chance to check out FlyTampa YYZ and it is certainly less resource intensive (about 12GB of VRAM) 4K with everything on ultra and 400LOD.

The look and feel (textures) just seemed better as well, especially in the little details, rust. doors, windows, night lighting, etc…

RegDesigns is beautiful and I think did a nicer job on interior modeling, and I’m sure they will get there with their coming updates but for now, I’ll be using FlyTampa.

I bought from Flytampa just because it’s on Orbx central.

No major performance issues like in their Vegas airport. Great details and ground textures. Doesnt look rushed at all. Very satisfied with my purchase.

I think my plan is to wait it out a bit, I want to see what RegDesigns comes up with after their next update. I personally would prefer to support a local Canadian designer, but if required VRAM isn’t significantly reduced, I will go with the FlyTampa one. I don’t think you will be able to go wrong with either and that’s a good thing.

I’m in no rush, I’m taking a bit of a break off of MSFS anyways - awaiting the 737.

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I love flying into the satellite airports around the big airports. Lots of fun, better framerates, more realistic for the regional planes I fly. Tons of them. Maybe, someday, we’ll see some efforts there more than just the one central airport where we often get duplicates.

FlyTampa…not bad. A bit of a hit on FPS but I did download Roman Design Toronto so i need to uninstall that and see.

Romans other t
Toronto based airports are great though, Buttonville and Brampton!

Hopefully FT updates it to present day. For now I will stick with Regdesigns version as I hardly have time to use the sim.
I will probably get the FT version now!