Completely broken light shafts on ultrawide 1440p

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Please look at the picture below. This only happens when I use resolution 3440x1440. Any other (I have only tested lower) resolution works like it should. The bug starts appearing on the right side of the screen starting almost exactly in the middle.

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Set resolution to 3440x1440 and load A320 in clouds with landing lights on.

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Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: SU8

This appears to be the same bug as in Partial Volumetric Lighting

Shame that this update was shipped with this super ugly bug.

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Is that the native resolution of your display? What happens if you use 3440x1440 but change the render resolution up to 105% for example.

Yes, this is the native resolution of my display. Changing the render resolution did not matter.

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Someone said the issue didn’t occur with DX12, but I take it your performance is worse when you use that?

Can confirm this. No issue in DX 12. Unfortunately performance is worse indeed.

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I consistently get CTD with DX 12 as well. No solution here.
Workaround so far has been to set a slightly lower horizontal resolution by adjusting window size in windowed-mode, and then using Magpie to get the application fullscreen. Hope this helps somebody.

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The problem was already reported in the beta for SU8 without success maybe it will be fixed with SU9. :thinking:

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I have the same issue I use a 3440x1440p which is native res. I even did a full sim reinstall and the issue was still there

I have the same issue 3440 x 1440 dx11

Partial Volumetric Lighting - Bug Reports / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums this is the one that has been logged

@moderators could we get this post closed. It has been fixed.

@henrikx123, has this been resolved for you?

(@awemeter , we do not get @mention notifications. If you want to reach us, send a direct message to @moderators. I just happened to see this post.)

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The creator has marked my post as the solution so I assume that means he agrees with me.

Thank you. Since @henrikx123 has not responded to my question, I will be closing this.