“Completionist” Achievement PSA

After several dozen hours and basically completing the requirements twice, I finally got this Achievement to pop yesterday and wanted to share some tips/info for anyone who may be struggling.

The Completionist Achievement requires completing all 3 original Bush Trips (Patagonia, Nevada, Balkans) and all 24 original Landing Challenges.

I completed ALL landing challenges within a few days of Xbox launch. I then completed the three original Bush Trips. There are three Achievements (one for each Bush Trip) if/when you complete them without using the “Back on track” option. Those Achievements thankfully popped with no issue.

Unfortunately, the logbook only recorded 2 of the Bush Trips as being completed. I re-flew all 3 and on the third, the logbook registered the flight as completed. Note: I did use “Get me back on track” on my second flights because I was trying to complete them again quickly.

Still no Achievement! I had completed all the requirements and had flown many of the Landing Challenges trying to get an “A” on all of them.

Frustrated, I decided to complete the landing challenges (again) one by one as a last ditch effort. Just as I was giving up hope, I landed at MHTG, Honduras (“Epic” category) and the Achievement FINALLY popped.

  • If you need to re-fly any of the Bush Trips, you CAN use the “Get me back on track” feature on the VFR map without it having a negative effect on Completionist.
  • Only 0.02% of Xbox users have the Achievement leading me to think others may be experiencing the same issues
  • The Achievement is tied to the logbook which is notoriously poor at recording takeoffs, landings, time flown, and activities completed. The best advice I can give is to keep re-flying the activities until the sim finally registers the completion
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This seems to be the best advice regarding any stubborn achievement.

I had to do this for both Greased and Jack of All Planes. On the latter, I even had a checklist of aircraft that I’d verified the achievement progress had advanced after a flight. I still had to go back and re-fly those planes to get the achievement to work.

Something was(is?) very wack about how the achievement progress mechanism works.


Be sure to use the default aircraft Liveries with no mods to the aircraft in use for the completion of some achievements.

Mod’s and Liveries seem to prevent completion sometimes.
The acheivements are original from day one of msfs and tied to the original aircraft/airfields.

Mod’s Meaning: aircraft specfic mods; like fuel, performance, handling etc.
Not the general game mods like LNM, Toolbar Puchback etc.
However still unsure if airport/airfield mods affect achievement completion.

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