Connection issue (no live photogeometry)

Hi, I am on the latest build of msfs2020 and I’m having an issue where Bing maps isn’t loading and its saying connection issues.
I did do a speed test and I’m getting 200mbps on internet and want to know if anyone knows why.

It’s a cloud based service. You could have 1000mbps download and if the service is down or slow for some reason then it won’t work. Solution: wait 1 hour and try again.

It’s been going on for about a week

Strange. I don’t have any issue… Maybe it’s your ISP?

What is an isp?

Internet Service Provider. They can throttle or block some sites sometimes. Although I don’t know why they would in this case. But your ISP controls your access to the internet.

Idk but it’s really wierd and not sure how to go about getting it fixed.

Did you install the google imagery mod by any chance?

Yes I did.

That could be the issue. It modifies the hosts file to prevent the connection to MS servers. You would need to undo that.

Closing as duplicate topic.

A reminder about using some 3rd Party addons or mods: