Low bandwidth Message - Connection Lost - Switched Offline

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for the last 2 month, I have almost everytime I load MSFS an error message that either says low bandwidth, disconnect, then reconnects a few seconds later or sometimes I have connection lost. if I start another flight on same flight sim session (I mean, I choose another airport and fly from there), I never really had any issue on starting that 2nd flight, no connection issue.
I have a High Speed Fiber optics, I tested that, no issue as almost 800mb download rate constant.
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Launch any flight, anywhere, with any airplane, issue happens all the time
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Internet connection is a 1Gb fiber optics connection
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I notice the strong degradation over the summer, mostly from August onwards

Same, got this issue for 3 weeks now! What a shame.


Same here, had no issues before the update. Cant get any proper scenery to work at all.


The Popup stops the sim, after clicking ignore or disable the sim continues… Please only an Information message not an Popup up witch stopps the time… Thanks… Loos 3 Minutes on VATSIM:(


I am getting this error after SU6.

When it happens the sim is frozen and you have to wait till the connection is re established to have control back.

Anyone else seeing this?



Yup, same issue here since SU6. Worked 100% fine since launch day and the day before SU6. Completely broken after the update


Happening with me since UPD6. Low Bandwidth errors. Did a clean reinstall in hopes of correcting. Still happening :frowning:


I am also having this issue with a 1Gbit connection. The strange part: Online weather is working correctly, but streaming terrain data (and photogrammetry) seem to be broken.
The bandwith consumption is also great!
Typical bandwith (measured at the same time the sim was running):


same here 120M connection

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I have the same issue, since SU5 xbox release.

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Dang, wished I’d seen this post 8 hrs ago !
Deleted my install and now re-installing in the hope it fixes the problem… Looks like I’m going to be disappointed !

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Brief description of the issue: Constant low badwidth error and disconnections when i have high speed internet

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Everytime i reload i get the error in flight saying i was switched to offline due to low bandwidth and i have high speed internet 1gb internet

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Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: Newest

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I’ve been having this problem for a couple weeks and still haven’t gotten a solution. I figure something HAS to be wrong on my end but I’ve done every troubleshooting step that I could. My fear is this isn’t happening to many people so who knows how long till we get a fix

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This has been a lot worse issue since SU5 and XBox launch. Constantly getting low bandwidth errors, especially on the weekends. They need to get this fixed ASAP. The bing and photogrammetry data looks like dog poo.


I think the error is misleading, it’s implying there is an issue was your internet speed, it should say something like ‘server busy right now, some photogrammetry may not fully load’


I have the same issue on my side, I tried yesterday again, nothing using the internet on my side, did a speed check, (900mb/s on fibre). Then I launched MSFS, I got a low bandidth message, then got cut off online, then back online. I doesn’t matter which plane I’m using, nor which location, the problem seems to happen a lot since mid August this year.

Is there anyone within the MSFS team that has actually acknowledged that this is an issue? I feel like this is being largely ignored.


The Azure services regularly drop for me. The most common one is the voice services, it cuts out every flight usually on the first ATC comms. But I also often get the one that says bandwidth too low photogrammetry. My internet is fine, so I can only imagine it’s happening because their Azure servers aren’t keeping up.



I’ve been getting the ‘low bandwidth’ errors for the past 3-4 days.With the error stating my bandwidth is not suitable for streaming, and that I need to turn off Photogrammerty.

I’m on a 100M link (wired to my router), so I’m pretty confident the issue isn’t at my end.
Nevertheless, I’ve done a complete re-install and re-booted my router etc, and all to no avail.
Have also tried different servers…

Initially it was fine after updating to SU6, but not so anymore…
It’s now happening every flight, so I’m offline in flights with no ATC etc, makes for a very boring flight !

I’ve opened a ticket with Zen-desk, but that was 3 days ago, and so far no response.

Apart from this thread,

Is anyone else having, or had this issue that has managed to find a solution.

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Same here. Cordoba (Argentina)

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