Constant altitude changes from ATC


Cruising at FL200.
ATC callout: climb and maintain FL260.
me climbing to FL260.
ATC callout: climb and maintain FL270.
me climbing to FL270.
ATC callout: descend and maintain FL200.
me descending to FL200.
ATC callout: descend and maintain to 14.000 feet.
me descending to 14.000 feet.
ATC callout: climb and maintain FL270.

King Air 350i
IFR flight with planned cruise altitude at FL300

:rofl: Good question.


IMO, it never worked- ever, in ANY sim. It seems to me that Asobo borrowed the code from pre-FSX days and tried to improve on something that was broken to begin with. It’s too complex.

Using live ATC options, like Vatsim or Pilotedge is probably the best way to go for now. I doubt that we’ll ever see realistic ATC that is generated and managed by the sim. It’s just the way it is.


I do not see what is soo complex or hard about it?

There are many standard procedures that should be followed and if I plan a flight myself with different flight levels it should just follow that or for my sake give me different instructions but stick to it.

I do not talk about all the edge cases that could occur with different situations of traffic, weather, wind, ground situation, etc. that is a different story to programmatically solve that in a good manner. But the basics should definitely work!


I’ve requested the Demo from proflight emulator now that it is compatible with MSFS. There are some issues, like not being able to communicate with AI traffic. I’m going to try it tonight and see what it’s like.


lemme know how it works- I was thinking of trying it out too.

The basics of everything should be working properly by now…I just don’t see how they can tackle something as complex as realistic ATC if they can’t even do autopilots or weather properly yet :man_shrugging:

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Getting to the point where I have to say this daily.
How is it that people are willing to copy in game atc comments ad infinitum and not check previous posts first?
Request a higher altitude. Problem solved.

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Yea it’s never worked. ATIS never worked either. It’s embarrassing.

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ATC is a disaster
I don’t understand why Microsoft supports by name, this Flight sim.
Only had to do was to improve graphics on last version, and some minor add on


Same here, atc is probably drunk or something


The ATC just assigned me the approach (visual approach). I started the descent but he keep saying to keep my altitude. FFS, am i supposed to dive to the airport when i’m 1 mile far !?

I feel your pain. Had the same situation many times. Also “funny” is if you are cleared to land and suddenly there comes the callout “climb and maintain FL200”…

There are several instances, specially around high mountains, where ATC will ask you to change altitudes several times. I have had 13 altitude changes on approach at several locations. if the terrain is flat, you should be fine. Also, there are several locations where ATC ask you to contact approach several times immediately after you do it. This are the same problems I use to have with P3D and FSX.

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no doubt it is a totally different story if flying above hilly surfaces. But I would expect the ATC to leave control up to the pilot as soon as you get the clearance. And even if they want you to climb it should be realistically maintainable like climb by 2-3 thousand feet, but not like 15.000ft

They still have a lot of work to do for sure.

Yep it sucks. My hope is that they will fix it but we probably will have to wait for a good 3rd party alternative. Until then, I fly everything VFR with real world weather. Get clearance, runway assignment, taxi instructions and flight following. I plan my whole route with including departure, arrival & runway approach procedures based on what I hear on real world ATC and see at at my arrival airport. Once I am on 5 mile final, I contact my arrival airport on MSFS ATC with my request for full stop landing and they clear me to land on my chosen runway.

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Sometimes ATC just goes crazy and constantly tries to assign new alttitudes. Seems to often be over mountain regions so not sure if its due to the changing ground levels. But this example was flying over the Italian alps to LIQJ. Also the issue is often these altitudes would see me fly straight into the side of a mountain, they don’t seem to consider minimum safe altitudes for the areas.

Yeapp… when that happens to me, I usually ignore it and go with my gut feeling.

Yeah I ignore it. But would be nice to have better logic in the in-built ATC.

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