Constant CTD after update

Its in the steam versión,… maybe only have the problem here…

I have Steam version too…hmmm…

Can you find this ?

I’am not so “familiar” with these MS .NET stuff :wink:

you have this in your PC, mine are old, but when you compile a DLL you choose the compatibity to other versions. If the version is old, you get a message with the issue.

okay… I understood… version of binary :slight_smile:

Then assume .net is fine and just the Coherent lib issue is open… it’s realy an old issue… I can’t exactly remember, possible there was somewhat with mods like G1000/xx…

.net is not the problem. Im updated to .4.8 but the app use the 4.0.
Something is crashing with the .dll but there is no trace.

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yes… we have to find out what caused the Coherent crash.

Update III: After a few flights with no crashed, I just experienced another CTD! :confounded:The Windows eventviewer has noting more to say then APPCRASH. Had no other mod running then the DA40 mod. No Multiplyer, no AI aircraft, Clear weather. Flew near LIMG.

Can we please have soon an update of this 1.12.13.version? Its just no good! Or should I switch back to XP? That at least is stable.


we not searching issues related to mods… this can also the developers not do, they just not own this mods.

this question can nobody answering you :slight_smile: … I use, depend on my dayli mood: nothing, DCS; MSFS; XPlane11 and sometimes P3D… why: I need Helicopters :wink:

Thus… thanks for the report, but with installed Community Mods the result is more or less random. That seemingly the workaround with the network relevant settings helped, can we assume, because you fly longer without a CTD.

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For a good understanding, I’m not blaming the mods. And being an enthousiast user of this sim (MSFS), I’m rather frustrated about something so beautiful is now failing on me since this update.

I also still face random CTDs without having mods installed, just by flying a specific route with a caravan, it crashes at the same place - exactly reproducable, did it 10 times now.

For who may is interested to reproduce, fly from LICA to LICR at 3000 ft with a caravan, it crashes somehwhere around the marked area (which was the SkyPark-First flight)


Reporting back here! After rolling back the NVIDIA drivers and installing the new ones and limiting my FPS to 30, I am no longer getting any CTDs for now. My GPU runs cooler and is not at 99%. I am a bit surprised that my 1080TI can’t handle 99% at 79c as it can for ANY other games and I have never gotten CTDs until the last couple patches. Anyways, I should be getting my new Asus 3080 ROG STRIX next week. I hope this will help at 1440.

Slowhand, you are missing the point. Simply, we cannot help if you have mods installed. If you would like assistance solving the CTD,

  • Empty ALL mods/liveries/add-ons from your community folder.
  • Disable ALL add-on software, including FSUIPC, weather/ATC/Nav apps that don not reside in the community folder.
  • Confirm Virtual Mem + Physical Memory > 32Gb
  • Shut down computer and restart (Cold Boot)
  • Test MSFS

Report back


What would you recommend we set the Virtual Memory Initial size & Maximum size? I have 32GB of RAM. Also, which drive to you set manually? The C drive or all drives?

Your target for total available between your physical ram and the virtual mem should exceed 32GB.
I would start at 4GB Min Virtual and then set Max at 32 - Physical Mem.

The C drive or all drives?

Pick whatever is your fastest drive as long as it doesn’t push drive usage over 75%.
An SSD is best case but a HDD is fine.
I am not a fan of using the root drive for virtual mem as it is just one more thing hammering the work horse.

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I have 2 of the same M.2 SSDs. So should I tweak the virtual memory on the OS C drive or the D drive where FS is installed?

I would use D

Ok because this says C…

  • Click to select the drive on which Windows 10 is installed (by default C:)

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.12.13.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\FlightSimulator.exe
C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.12.13.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\FlightSimulator.exe

Getting sick of crashes mid flight. I will try disabling AI traffic next time, but why should I have to? Fix your game Asobo.

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