Constant CTD after update


as mentioned, it is since and affected are some users only.
I’am pretty sure devs are aware of this and so possible with next update…

Hey there, there are so many possible reasons for CTD. In most cases it has to do with the combination of operating system version, graphic card software version and MSFS. In the different posts you can look up what people are doing to heal that pain. First ist a clean install of MSFS is one thing. A step back in the NVIDIA driver to the version before the update. Typically NVIDIA is delivering a new driver short after or even parallel to MSFS. As there is no way to go back to an older version of MSFS - as far as I know - start with an older graphic card driver. If it hasn’t changed, go back one version and try. If it doesn’t work, uninstall the latest functional windows update 1905 2004 20H2.
That’s what I have done - and others too - to get rid of CDTs. Good luck Guido

yeah… but here in thread we have a important hint: “since” and so we can exclude some of these :slight_smile:

What can be excluded? I don’t see any reason to exclude anything, neither win nor NVIDIA or graphic card generally speaking…

I am also getting these CTD errors usually in the middle of a flight after about half an hour of flying. I didnt used to get them a few weeks ago. Now getting them rpactially every flight. Making the game unplayable.

Had constant CTD with the most recent nv drivers, revert back to 457.51… no more issue

not sure what is the best for fs2020 but definitely not 461.40…

any one had better perf using another version

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Oh wow. That’s a really great observation! I’ve been experiencing CTDs as well and just went through a complete windows refresh, MSFS reinstall, and driver reinstall to no avail. After reading your observation I re-ran the flight and caught the system committing 31.9GB of RAM on my system with only 32GB of RAM. That’s insane! I don’t know if this is a memory leak or someone forgot to turn off a debug feature, but wow. I’m going to try increasing my swap to 32GB on my NVMe drive and if that does it I’ll throw in another 32GB of ram for good measure. Thanks!

You can see the 31.9/36.9 GB just as it crashes in the screenshot below.

Hi, no, that’s not necessarily an issue at all. Processes can commit (reserve) more virtual memory than your RAM size, but since there was still 16+GB of RAM available, Windows wouldn’t need to use the swap file. So I doubt that this was the cause of the CTD in your case.
Did you check in event viewer if there was some indication of the cause ?

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EDIT: Found a solution, as weird as it seems disabling vsync and forcing a maximum frame of 30FPS solved my CTD. This was the thread I followed to resolve my issue. Thanks everyone for your help!

Gotcha, so windows supports memory overcommit.

I keep finding the following error entry under the Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Applications.

Faulting application name: FlightSimulator.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5fda32ba
Faulting module name: VCRUNTIME140.dll, version: 14.28.29231.0, time stamp: 0x5f4c66c9
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00000000000012de
Faulting process id: 0x4588
Faulting application start time: 0x01d6f7848120ece9
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.12.13.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\FlightSimulator.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop_14.0.29231.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\VCRUNTIME140.dll
Report Id: e14ac3f9-ce66-4388-8302-7da2cb4b0464
Faulting package full name: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.12.13.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
Faulting package-relative application ID: App

That is followed by an informational event

Fault bucket 1384039955483570872, type 5
Event Name: MoAppCrash
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.12.13.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
P2: praid:App
P4: 5fda32ba
P5: VCRUNTIME140.dll
P6: 14.28.29231.0
P7: 5f4c66c9
P8: c0000005
P9: 00000000000012de

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol: 
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: e14ac3f9-ce66-4388-8302-7da2cb4b0464
Report Status: 268435456
Hashed bucket: 69865bf4dfb90b27e3351901ad8bb2b8
Cab Guid: 0

you limit in this case manually your system-load, thus possible points more to system issue. But good that these workaround works for you.

Increasment of pagefile should only necessary for users with 16Gig RAM ( less 32Gig ). Otherwise the “system managed” setting should be okay.

A hint about commited/used memory: you can just use the “Resource Monitor”.

Ps: not sure whether all users in thread are aware of the topic: “ctd since”

That possibility occurred to me since the frame rate limiting most likely prevents me from hitting the full duty cycle on one or more components, however, the odd thing is that it only started with MSFS after Cyberpunk 2077, Sea of Thieves, and other games seem to run fine, I suppose those are all less demanding. I’ve never had a CTD until sometime after December, and I’ve been using the simulator since day one at midnight Kiribati time. I’ve been busy with work and family since mid-November so I haven’t had a chance to pick up the sim until this week when everything seemed to go to hell.

I’ve run benchmarks using Kombustor (GPU), a program to benchmark memory bandwidth, prime95 for CPU, and one stress GPU memory to test for memory errors. And I was able to run all of those benchmarks combined for a few hours while pulling 690W through my UPS without issue at 100% TDP for CPU and GPU. Perhaps MSFS uses some hardware feature that isn’t used by those benchmarks? I’m not sure if my hardware has suffered a failure that has made it unstable only under MSFS or if some bug was introduced that causing a race condition in MSFS that is avoided by restricting frame rates to 30FPS. I’m not sure how frame rate limiting is implemented but whenever I’ve had to implement rate-limiting in load test clients I’ve typically just introduced a delay between requests/queries. Not being a hardware or Windows guy I would imagine there’s probably something similar to my naive approach of introducing a delay done by the video driver in-between frames to try and attain that rate.

Thanks, that makes sense. I’m a complete windows noob and just jumped the gun when I saw it. I think I spent 16 hours scouring forums and experimenting until I found this thread, that was exhausting.

Thanks, that’s a great tip, I’ll keep that in mind going forward! :slight_smile:

this is best issue situation we can have :slight_smile: … we have a fomer working reference.

I read a lot posts where users report that other games works fine, just MSFS not. Why in your case now these limit is necessary, I don’t know :relaxed:
Most benchmarks which test “all components together” , like futuremark, does’nt use these amount of memory. Possible this have something todo with it, which might explain why users with 16gig RAM run since 1.12…13 more into issues.

Or it is a completly different thing… example: a user reported that after he uninstalled MSI-Afterburner it’s CTD with logs like “VCRUNTIME140.dll” are gone. Possible is also that the simconnect issue is bigger than expected.

I would say… if your workaround works fine, then use it and try ‘full-speed’ again with the next msfs update :slight_smile:

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I have this same after this patch.
Early all was fine

Yeah I’m quite happy that I have a solution but I’m also quite puzzled. Hopefully things only get better with the upcoming patches.

I just noticed while in the sim that I’m getting buttery smooth 30fps at ultra over downtown LA in a c172 with live traffic enabled and multiplayer off. I used to run into sub-20 fps in this area back in November. I also tested New York flying an A320 with similar results. In both cases my i9 10900KF is running at ~25% on average and none of the cores are above 80%. My GPU also reports <20% utilization in task manager.

I’m not sure if Asobo has made some performance improvements, limiting my GPU has caused an error in measurement, or there’s some race condition that causes unnecessarily high utilization, perhaps as a result of some process spinning on a lock waiting for it’s turn.

dont forget that different airplanes cause different load and fps ( there are huge diffs possible , I havent found the existing thread quickly ).

About the taskmanager and GPU you can check this :slight_smile: :

Thanks, that’s really useful to know that the task manager doesn’t display all pertinent GPU metrics all at once, and you may have to change the displayed metrics.

After throttling my GPU to 30FPS via the Nvidia control panel, everything was fine until I tried landing in LAX with the Bonanza. It turns out some combination of airports and planes were still causing crashes. I also noticed that I was getting video artifacts (static) when waking the computer from sleep that required disconnecting/reconnecting my HDMI cable to fix. It looks like my GTX1080 may have failed.

I took the plunge and bought an RTX3080, and now everything is running fine without the FPS limited to 30, even in situations that previously caused CTDs.

I just wanted to thank you and everyone else that helped me along the way. And it seems that in my case, the CTDs were ultimately caused by bad hardware (GPU).

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After CTD on each and every flight and few research, i have added the following to FSUIPC ini file in General

And i just finish a Flight of 4 hours and another one of 2 without any issue…

just in case some of you find this usefull…


Swell, only 74 easy steps. I sure am glad I paid over a hundred bucks so I could run down this list for the next seventeen hours. I cant even use this thing. Im getting a CTD every time, now. Back to that other sim. That’s disappointing. Saturday morning, planned to make a good flight. Right after touchdown at my destination: CTD. Lost my recorded flight info for FSEconomy,

Are you aware of the Bing Data problem?
If not turn off Bing Data and it should be good.
There is an issue with the stream from Bing that started in the last day or so.
Seems to affect flights to, from, and in Europe, or areas nearby the most.
Bing are apparently aware and working on it.

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I understand that nowadays having to go through a long painful list may not be pleasant.
I have been simming for 25 years so for me is business as usual.
Everybody is free to make their own choices, however I am sure you will benefit from following at least some basic principles.