Constant CTD after update


Sadly, I’ve managed at least one CTD when running the 7.0.3 version of FSUIPC7 :frowning:

Been running MSFS without SLC (and FSUIPC7) for the last few days and have had no further issues. It looks like the latest version of MSFS has introduced a stability bug related to the SDK and/or the way it is currently being used by FSUIPC7, although clearly it’s not universal as it impacts some more than others. Hard to know where the issue lies, although the FSUIPC7 developer is unambiguous - “We cannot analyse crashes in MSFS code as we do not have the source and we are not responsible for it.”

Fingers crossed for some improvement in the next update…

Arctic Silver when my computer was built 2 months ago. CPU and GPU temps are stable and unchanged since then.

I am a retired Systems Integration Manager for Ford Motor Company. If I had delivered an application this unstable to the company, or had users CTDing all over the place after an update, I would have been fired.

If Ford vehicles stopped running just months after customers bought them, Ford would have faced a class action lawsuit that would have bankrupted the company.

What we are seeing here is terrible project management and quality control by Asobo and/or Microsoft.

Customers should not have to get used to it.


Yeah, me too. Could be a simconnect issue. But who knows…

After the December 22 update, I am also getting the CTD. It happens right after take-off from a detailed airport (either a third party such as Toronto or a premium content such as Telluride.)

I am working my way through the various suggested fixes, but it would be better if Asobo included real crash detection and reporting inside of the software. My CPU is practically idling so I would gladly give up some CPU cycles to get a better report after a crash.

All of the same mods installed if I take-off from a non-detailed airport and land at a non-detailed airport, overfly a detailed airport, or land at a detailed airport no crash. It only happens right after take-off from a detailed airport. I guess when the sim tries to swap out the textures. All of the times this has happened there has been snow and ice on the ground as well.

My MSFS 1.12.13 just crashed, leaving no massage. Just stops!
Was 20 minutes on my way across the Alps in a DA62 and had icing.
I used the DA62 mod and Unreal Weather. :frowning_face:

from time to time we should bring back mind:

(not mods or 3rd party content)

It should be in meanwhile well known, that some mods needs to be updated.

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Agree that in some cases a mod can be the culprit - but there are much more elements that come into play. Certainly with the latest release something seems off, not sure what it is - but even with no mods you can have a CTD. Also contacted the support team myself, as I ran out of ideas on possible root causes - and until this day the team is still analysing the issue, thus believe it is something more complex than just a possible outdated or corrupted mod.

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another ctd just now. Absolutely sick of it.

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Today I got 3, one after other.
Completely disappointed.

oh and that’s after reverting to 457.51 nvidia driver too.

i feel u bro

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please read the former posts, then you know why I wrote this little reminder :wink:

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For those also suffering from CTD, please make sure to log a ticket as well - the more tickets and data/logs they have, higher the chances are that they will find the root cause and provide us with a temporary work-around or permanent solution.

I feel your pain, having the same issue and putting my flying on hold for the time being.

and have you mods installed ?

For this is a checkbox if you report a ticket. If you have a mod installed then this means: the developers can nothing analyse because they haven’t your version of these mod installed :slight_smile:

( UPDATE: was rhetorical question ;)… FBW 320 … )

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I did have the latest stable version of the FBW 320 installed, the weird thing with me is that after 3 attempts (flying the exact same route), I was able to reach my destination. But I do understand that the issue could be caused by the FBW 320 - but what if its not… I did mention this to the support team and they did not tell me that they cannot analyse because I have this mod installed, they asked me to provide my logs, which I did.

trust me, I also understand that kind of frustration… I also wrote former about ( see post 58 ).

But with installed mods we / analysists / developers / … can never know from which the issue comes. Other users, like me, have absolut no issues. Many of the users with installed mods wrote that the issues is gone after they remove the mod.

Of course, not all issues comes from the mods, there are lots of issues e.g. the AI * settings.
But how we should find out what is MSFS issue and what is MOD issue ? Before installing a mod the user must 100% ensure that the game is working fine without any installed mods. Only in this case we find out what the cause is.

( and this kind of test, starts after each update… se former mentioned post ).

EDIT: I forgot

of course :wink: … there is a little change that within logs they can see an issue within the SDK…

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Very true, will try it once more without any mods. Thanks for the advice!

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I fly several hours a day, every day since early September. I had NEVER experienced a CTD until after the last update. Now, I get a CTD, with NO error message, while on final approach to many airports. I removed every mod from the Community file and still suffer CTD on about 1 out of 5 approaches.

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Update: Crashed again. I crashed yesterday with mods. Today I flew the same flight (DA62 over the Alps) again with no mods and crashed again! MSFS just stops without any message or reason.
Used broken clouds and deicing. :frowning_face:

Have 32Gb RAM and recent GPU driver.