Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

So does it look like Asobo/MS have applied a change to the servers that fixes the CTD issue, but reverses the previous performance improvements in the last beta build?

Well I’m at SU9 and didnt notice any fps hit as I’m locked at 30. Have to try with Bing maps on next.

Right now that is exactly what I’m seeing but it would be good to know others are finding the same. It’s entirely possible that it might just be me.

@IgnoringIvy6335 That’s fair enough, but I’m not talking about SU9 (although I appreciate I didn’t specifically say that). The latest beta build brought a significant performance improvement that appears, to me at least, to have vanished again.

I am fully with this post! I suffer the CTD since friday too - before that the Sim was quite stabile at my PC - I was able to let it run for more than 6 hours - no issue while flying - only sometimes when loading a flight (mainly caused by bad mods - i removed them all)

I honestly have to say, that my internet connection is on the low end for the sim. My feeling is also that the few CTD I had in the past are mainly related to connection-problems to the server - but this is a risk a have taken the last 2 years. But the ctd of the last days are not only related to user side I think (and hope) …

I normaly fly with multiplayer off, bing data on, ai traffic offline, real weather on, photometry off…

I am a stupid PC user - the PC I have is ONLY for MSFS - so no other games - I try to have all drivers updated … I tested the msfs developer-monitoring at the last flight which was crashing, there was never some red line or lightning - always green - only few times yellow…

only issue I figured out at my system is, that there seams to be a problem with my autopilot.dll - but as I was able to fix this for a short period (disable) and the ctd still appeared I am not sure if this is related …

Windows 11 installed

From customer side I hope there will be a fix or even a suggestion how to fix it soon or some commitment how we can resolve this issue …


I didnt want to post this too early as it may not even be a thing.
I like many others have had this problem since Friday/Saturday of which I never had no issues previously.
I am running SU10 beta and my WIN11 installation is fairly new, so was not expecting any issues. The PC I run MSFS is a dedicated FS computer, so if something goes on it, I pretty much know about it.

I like some searched for the ntdll error and it was suggested like mentioned above about doing a sfc \scannow commmand in your command prompt. To my surprise it found some windows protection errors on it and has subsequently repaired itself. I am fairly up on PC maintenance but this is an area I don’t usually fequent.

The CTDs were abysmal last night to be truthfully honest, but this morning I have just flew from SFO to LAS with the PMDG and things went really smooth. Now I don’t want to jump the gun here and say what happened has fixed it but I see what I see.

I am going to be flying all day today and happy to report back if anything happens.


I can’t fly atm, but should be able to give it another go this evening. By that time, there will hopefully be others seeing the same thing.

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Beside the CTD’s, scenery loads very slowly, partially or not at all. World map often starts without airport-layout, only the clickable dots. At “ready to fly”, airport -scenery is only partially loaded, heavy stutters, fps<15. Reloading the flight helps, but scenery still slow to load, and an overall worse performance than before last friday. Odd thing is that the 3 flights i managed to complete without CTD (KMIA-TFFR and EGKK-EHAM vv) were the ones with the most extra addons active. And flights with no addons active failed. I’m not going to mess-up my installation to try get this fixed, because this is clearly for MS/Asobo to fix.

Those of you who use the “Map Enhancement program”, are you also exposed to this CTD problem?

Be careful replacing that DLL. Alot of other programs use it as well on your system, and replacing it could actually make things worse for you in the long run…


I suppose that just could be increased demand on the servers or maybe even servers being taken offline, but i’ll remain hopeful of an early fix.

i wonder if the server resources had been split between the live version and the beta version and they had somehow got the balance too much towards the beta version?

although beta clients were also seeing CTD, so that might not be it.

Whatever it is this is like playing a completely different game again.

Made two flights with Map Enhancement program and no CTD’s, but it is not reliable before testing the same flights with Bing.

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all seems fine now without live traffic, just landed at SPU all the way from LGW

Don’t worry I’m not going to mess with it
Had a CTD on the PMDG 737 was sat at gate just entering stuff in fmc and boom CTD
This time event viewer did not show the offending dll , so think I will try a flight in the Cessna
See if that causes issues ……

I never have had any live traffic or mp on but got this crashes one after another. So better waiting for an official statement.

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Is it safe to fly yet?

It’s working for me at the minute (nearly 2hrs in) but the performance in the beta build is way off where it was yesterday.

yeh fair enough, still get the memory read error with live traffic

Having the same experience

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