Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

I know, you know.
But many people search for a solution within there own PC hardware and/or software.
I think that’s not the case.


we’ve been asking for some proper kind of debug logging capability for full two years now:

but hey, maybe your intervention helps to get the team back on it.


Good morning, next CTD. I flew with the Reno Default Mustang from LFLB (FranceVFR via orbx) via Grenoble to Marseille, than eastward to Nice, up to Genoa and than northward over the Mountains and after that straight to LIMZ (SaviArt via orbx). I did see huge Terrain-Spikes in Torino and after Approach and Landing in LIMZ with Fuelstop and Start in LIMZ heading north to Torino i get a Memory read Error at Location Carmagnola. Flighttime 2 hrs.

Location South Bavaria, Server Western Europe
all Online-Services ON
Graphics Ultra Terrain 300
no Rolling Cache
Pagefile custom Startsize 5000 MB max 50000 MB
All Software up to date
sfc /scannow no Problems
AMD 5900X, AMD 6900XT, 32 GB RAM
no Freeware
no GSX
only Airports from MP, Aerosoft and orbx

Event Log no Entry

There are a lot of things that can be improved and why not look arround and see how others have done it. Asobo don’t have to copy that one by one, but it may help to get things on the road. For example debugging, multi monitor support are things that other developers already have implemented the right way.

Anyone else getting CTDs done that “hack” to gain FPS couple months ago?

My PC knowledge is too bad to exactly know what that NDU registry does but could that be a hint why many but not everybody is getting a CTD? Or is it impossible that this change is causing CTDs now? I just wanna rule out any possible cause for the CTDs.

No NDU change on my side, but still CTD’s.

This is pure garbage. Dont mess with your registry and why should you. Its a placebo.


I see many saying it’s the servers that are at fault but looking at it a slightly different way you could say the game code needs to have more tolerance for when that server connection gets a bit wonky if that is indeed the case.

Turning off Bing had fixed the ctd’s for me but that’s not a long term solution.


No NDU tweak here. No Navigraph. No GSX. No Overclocks.

I’ve got further today with the Fenix (with everything on) than I’ve managed previously but, crucially, the performance leap I was seeing in SU10 .16 appears to have disappeared. Whereas yesterday I was seeing 60fps in the cruise I’m now seeing 37fps. Admittedly it’s the Fenix rather than the 737, and I’m over Germany rather than France but that is not a 23fps difference.

I really hope this is just a coincidence.

Can anyone else correlate this?

Unfortunately for me this sim is now unplayable, unless you make it look like FSX. In which case back to Xp11 again until its fixed (I would rather play MSFS!).

This is what worries me about this sim, 10 years of support and we are 2 in already and still experiencing beta like issues that make the game virtually unplayable in its intended state.

I hope this is fixed quickly.


Both are true I think. Better error trapping in the client, to gracefully handle errors rather than fall over.

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Hello Microsoft/Asobo, can you tell us if the servers will be restored for this week-end?

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Turning Bing maps off seems to solve it. Todays flight with addon EDLP and EGCC, Fenix A320, Live weather with lots of clouds at EGCC on, AIG offline at 75%+offline AI traffic GA fixed at 25%, REX accuseason, Noolaero and Aerosoft VDGS, Navigraph and everything worked well no CTD.

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I think you’ll find if you turn Bing maps back on you’re just fine. This morning it all seems to be playing nice again, except that performance has unfortunately reverted to type in the beta build.

Sat in the cruise my MainThread time is back up towards 30ms with 37fps, yesterday it was a bulletproof 60fps.

Yes to both

I fly HPG Helicopter in a small area. Expact CTD’s after a few miles of flying since weekend. After random times.
Before each CTD, i expact wrong Mesh and Texture-gabbage… not everywhere, but as artefarcts in the world. That is new for me, too.
Last week, all went fine. Crash without warnings.
Ntdll.dll errors in microsoft-report.

“Good Day”

(Online, atc-off, no rolling cache, realtimeweather, etc.)

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You mean turrn photogrammetry OFF?


I have everything (all data) turned on and so far (45 mins since taking off in the Fenix) no CTD. Yesterday it crashed almost as the gear came up.

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