Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports

Microsoft/Asobo ignorieren das Problem! Sie haben keine Interesse. Alle drittanbieter Flughäfen funktionieren nicht. Kauft keine Airports mehr!!! Man sollte dagegen angehen und das Geld zurück verlangen.

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Ich glaube ehrlich gesagt nicht das sie kein Interesse haben, mein Sohn😉 Asobo Studios sind ein großer entwickler mit einem großen Programm, dem Flight Simulator, im Rücken, und den müssen sie auch verwalten. Es gibt Tausende Probleme, die behoben werden müssen, und dieser Fehler mit den Third Party Addons, liegt vor allem daran, das die Entwickler nicht die Möglichkeit haben, ihre Airports zu testen! Das muss behoben werden! Und es liegt an dem vorhandenen Memory leak der XBOX. Aber das alle Third Party Airports nicht funktionieren, dass stimmt keinesfalls! Ich habe viele Airports auf meiner Series S, die wunderbar funktionieren! Darunter den Airport Nürnberg! Der ist sehr, sehr detailreich und dazu von Aerosoft! Aber er funktioniert tadellos!

Aber starten sie doch einfach einen „Refund“ ihres Produktes! Dann haben sie ihr Geld zurück😉
Und in Zukunft: schreiben sie bitte in ENGLISCH! Damit auch jeder das verstehen kann!:kissing:

Refund ist 2 oder 3 mal möglich danach gibt es kein Geld zurück! Will ich eigentlich auch nicht möchte einfach nur das sie funktionieren. Ich habe ctd an allen Airports erst dachte ich das ist nur bei den von justsim aber nein auch von aerosoft und handgefertigte Flughäfen wie Frankfurt Amsterdam rotterdam die jeweils aus der deluxe/Premium Version kommen! Auch Bremen von einem anderen Entwickler (Name fällt mir grade nicht ein) sowie Paderborn Zürich Nizza usw. Die Probleme bestehen seit Januar! Und kein Statement von Microsoft! Ja könnte auf Englisch schreiben aber es wird sowieso automatisch übersetzt zumindest macht mein Handy hoffe der anderen auch :wink:


Try turning off photogrammetry in the options menu. This makes the game much, much more reliable.


Weird to see all these problems. I used to run the sim on Xbox from its release until last October when I switched to PC.

I recently reinstalled it to my series x with all my addons. It’s on the internal drive as I have a sea gate expansion, I only have two other games on the MSFS installed drive so I’ve left plenty of space.

These airports so far have not crashed once:

PD Boryspi
lPD Edinburgh
FSDT Zurich
Auscene Ballina
DD Moscow
PD Odesa
Gear down para de minas
Samscene Fukuoka
Homa Ahvaz
Flymex Monterrey
NZMC mount cook
Bmodels Venice
LVFR Madrid
Flytampa Vegas
LVFR Miami
DD Washington
DD Kracow
Just sim Stuttgart
Bmodels Bremen
PD Lviv


Orbx Sydney
Orbx London
Orbx central uk
Samscene New York
Samscene Busan wow
DD Seattle landmarks

I’ve used all of these with GA Aircraft. However I have loaded in the airbus and had success flying but the occasional CTD. I did a small flight from Zurich to Basel and it ctd as I was landing at Basel.

I made sure I had no airport service addons as I seemed to get regular crashes with Simultechs my replacement trucks.

I’ll test a few more but not had any trouble at all.

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So a quick update, just sim Düsseldorf crashed with grand caravan when I started up.

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Just bought iniScene’s Buffalo Niagara (KBUF) and it crashes 100% of the time within 3 minutes of loading in. I tried launching the flight with HDR off, 0 traffic of any kind, and with any potentially conflicting content uninstalled. Regardless of what other factors I controlled for, the result was the same: a crash within only a minute or two.

My experience is consistent with the hypothesis by @phutyoo that the issue is caused (at least partially) by animations, since this addon contains an animated radar tower. I also notice crashes at Asobo’s KDFW, which has an animated tram. That being said, the overall level of detail in the iniScene KBUF addon is fairly high, so the CTD may not be caused by an the presence of an animated object alone. It seems likely that there is some kind of memory issue with the sim that causes the sim to CTD when it is overwhelmed by relatively heavy addons.

Given that I experience the same crashing at DFW (not third party), it seems like the issue is with the weight and detail of the content, and is not a uniquely third-party issue. For this reason, I don’t think we should accept inaction from Microsoft/Asobo, despite their insistence that they aren’t responsible since this issue is mostly found in the presence of addons.


What plane are you using?

A320neo. I noticed that less advanced aircraft seem to reduce the rate of CTDs. Airliners are non-starters at detailed 3rd party airports.

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I believe it’s a VRAM issue with the Xbox. IIRC the console does not have dedicated memory like a PC, it uses a shared pool between video and the overall system memory. Apparently this is more efficient but still, if you’re using a GPU that has 8GB upwards of it’s own dedicated memory, this is surely going to result in fewer crashes. Because I think the Xbox is simply running out of memory and that’s why it frequently CTD’s. I transitioned to PC because the near constant, unpredictable crashes were infuriating me. I’ve had 2 CTD’s on PC in 4 months. Speaks volumes to me.

Edit: I appreciate not everyone has the ability to do what I’ve done. It’s unfortunate about the console, but it simply cannot run the sim in 4K, with the resources available. It needs to have the resolution scaled down. Or at the very least, give Xbox users the option.

On a PC I’ve seen the sim use upwards of 20GB system memory and 5-6GB of VRAM in intensive areas. And that’s at 1440p. Not 4K.

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I could live with two CTD in 4 months, at present I’m only running the bare sim, no 3rd party at all - I really want to get some ‘bling’ for the scenery etc and other planes but I just do not trust the sim at present to run them, at least this way i can at least carry on flying.

I am pinning a lot of hope on SU10 - I think if this fails it might be time for e to jump ship to a PC.

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If you have the resources mate I’d suggest doing that anyway. It’s just a much better, more immersive experience.

There’s never been a better time to build your own really, as GPU prices are tumbling fast. They’re still not cheap, but they’re getting better value with each passing week.

It’s in the pipeline I think - no trouble with actually building one, just selecting the best parts really is where help might be needed. I would want it fully optimised for flight sim. I do have two other computers - a mac mini that runs 24/7 and a windows desktop that i only use when i run my HAM radio stuff - i might look at replacing both of those and just have the one more powerful PC running, probably a bad idea but ??

Anyway this is going off-topic here :wink:

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I’d recommend using PC part picker. That’s what helped me. And someone very helpful on these forums.

But yeah, off topic haha.

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I have FlyTampa’s Vegas pack. Absolutely fantastic, but the Airport part of causes CTD on my Series X. Every. Single. Time. I fly near it.

Haven’t found a solution outside of deleting the Airport. :pensive:

Otherwise, it’s great.

Thinking of picking up Samscene’s NYC pack, but I’m scared. :weary:

I have it running on Beta with reasonable performance and this is with both RKbridgers New York and New Jersey bridge enhancements, without those, it might run even better. There’s a good chance you’ll be safe but it’s up to you.

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I have constant CTD’s with pilot plus Biggin hill EGKB . Its the only aiport im having problems with on Xbox series x running the SU10 beta.

Everytime the aiport loads in fine and as soon as i load into the cockpit blam stright to desktop. This addon is completely useless to me and i’ve tried to get a refund through Zendesk and nothing. I feel totally ripped off.

I think the VRAM theory is likely accurate. I’m not sure why, but this affected area seems to move around for me.

For example, a few months ago I noticed that I couldn’t get near KDFW without a crash every single time. A few weeks ago, after I had taken a break from the sim, I noticed that the issue at DFW wasn’t occurring anymore. Now, only within the last few days, I am finding that KATL results in a CTD every single time I try to load in. Certain resource intensive 3rd party airports seem to have persistent issues, like KLAS and KBUF, but the CTDs come and go at Asobo’s hand crafted airports.

Since the issue changes by location, I wonder if one of the main contributing factors has something to do with location. I don’t think live weather/traffic could be the issue, because I still experience crashes constantly without those. Maybe this has something to do with the area around the airport being cached?

I agree. Used to be on xbox and all my “crash” airports from xbox work fine on PC but I notice the VRAM usage at those is really high (I have 16GB gpu and it often approaches the limit). Not sure how xbox could ever handle those given the limited memory unless they create a “dumbed-down” version of airports for xbox/Marketplace. btw, NZA did exactly this for NZNS. The marketplace version reduces memory usage and has less detail to try to make it more compatible with xbox. This was according to NZA and is in the version notes as well. NZNS is amazing but I’d get occasional crashes on xbox before their “update” there as well even though it is a smaller airport.