Constantly Climbing up

So, newbie here. I have it on Medium, using a controller and keyboard. A problem I seem to be having, no matter what I fly, is that the planes want to constantly climb. Sometimes very aggressively. Anyway to alleviate this? Others I play with that use a similar setup do not have this problem.

are you adjusting your trim?

You should do the tutorials to learn about these things and then you will understand what’s going on.

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Have you checked trim? I had the same problem until I learned to set trim properly.

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Trim, as other pointed out but another issue can be how you hold the stick. When I need to maintain the current altitude I’ll trim then just touch the stick with two fingers to do fine corrections over time. If you grasp the stick without support (like on a desk or chair) it is really easy to move it without noticing and seeing your hand will want to drop it will cause the plane to go up.

Also, if your trim is set to an analog control then in preflight you need to move that control so that the sim picks up the current trip position. If you don’t then at some point when the trim moves it will jump causing a large pitch movement.

As i’m sure you’ve figured out by now, you need to “Trim” your aircraft.

To cut a very long complicated explanation short, you can think of trim as setting a “new default position for your yoke\stick”

Now this isn’t exactly how it works, but it’s good for a beginner to think of it like this: If the default position of the yoke\stick makes the plane climb, and you want it to go straight, you push the aircraft nose down… but then you have to hold it there, right? Trim lets you make it so that you can make that position you’re holding the yoke at the new default. (This isn’t how it ACTUALLY works at all, but functionally it will do this, this is good enough for you to understand it’s function as a beginner)

I recommend if you’re playing with a stick, bind the trims to a hat on your stick (Up for down and down for up, just like flying). You will be using trims constantly, and I really do mean constantly. Almost more than the main controls sometimes. Every little changes requires an alteration on trim.

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Thank you for the replies. I have been using the HAT for looking around. I guess it would be better for trim. Should the left/right on it be used as trim as well? I do have a little wheel as well right under the HAT

The wheel would be best but it depends on how sensitive it is in the sim. I find trimming the aircraft to be pretty difficult in MSFS really well. No that other flight sims are much if any easier. Getting it close is easy enough but real aircraft are a hell of a lot easier to trim accurately!

As for using hat left/right. You could use that for aileron or rudder trim. I generally don’t bother as none of the aircraft I’m allowed to fly have either of those and they aren’t necessary for stable flight like elevator trim.