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No you are completely wrong. MSFS VRAM is not limited to 6.5GB.

RAM yes, but not VRAM

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I wish I could test this now, but unfortunately my internet service is down due to a storm we had last evening. Tech coming tomorrow morning( Verizon):confounded:. Thank God for mobile wireless. Anyway before the update system memory was utilized much higher. I have 64 Gigs and would use into the teens at times. My RTX 3090 would go over 10 gigs, but not now. Hopefully WU 6 will give some of the PC resources back to us.

Can you explain to me, if we are using the xbox version, why the flight sim can ask for 17GB memory to be comitted to the app? See screenshot:

comitted memory is not allocated magically by the OS, comitted memory is requested by the app and then, only then given by the OS.

An app may not know how much it would need, but requests if that amount is available and “asks” for a “reservation”. If there is not enough, an app will not get it. So max comitted on my pc can be 64, minus what already has been given.

Does the XBox also have a page file?

I do not know for sure but one can assume probably. But small because of the 16GB limit.

Ok, I have now managed to get RAM usage over 6.5GB by reloading all of London photogrammetry… so myth busted I think. It must be said it aggressively culls back down to <6.5, but peak was 7.2GB.

But I agree the overall image is less detailed than before as it tries to maintain a lower overall RAM usage.



How are you explaining this then?

If this is in response to my post, assumptions leads to misinformation. We must know to say for sure :wink:

So, if we are running xbox memory code and as you are saying quite often we are limited, we would never get 17GB of comitted (promised by the os). Because the app would not dare to ask for more memory then there is available if it was capped.

Yes it does like all operating systems, its basically a cut down instance of windows.

I think its clear now that its not capped but in SU5 it is now highly aggressive at removing textures above 6.5GB so as not to be hitting the Page File on the Xbox.

To get round this aggressive limit, create a RAM based disk (R:) How to Create RAM Disk in Windows 10 [Guide] | Beebom

Then set your rolling cache to 32GB - 6.5GB or roughly 24GB to be safe, now you can store 32GB of textures in RAM.

You can disable page file to keep the speed. So it’s a feature, not a requirement. If it’s not a requirement you can not assume it’s there.

I just honestly want to know if there is a page file for xbox, because i can’t find any info about it in any MS documentation…

Many seem not to realise that there is a huge difference between the sim USING a lower amount of memory and being LIMITED to a lower amount of memory.

Its not a huge difference to be honest. It means most of the time it wont go over this artificial limit

All you need to do is watch their behavior. So many times they get a question, and we get a deer in headlights expression.


Possibly, i don’t know :wink:

Please no, I run VM’s and high memory consuming compilations :wink:


Difference is being forced as in optimizing :wink: (as in amount of comitted memory given)

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Why not just say that the Xbox has forced the PC to the Xbox hardware capabilities.
End of story.

How is it a limit if it can go over it? :thinking:

The difference is huge because if it just using less, then there is lots of overhead for expansion. If it is limited then it can go no higher than it currently is.

At least i’m not, i’m trying to get proof if that’s the case. For example knowing if there is a page file, which is the only answer in helping you claiming the app is running xbox limited code :wink:

If there is no page file, the PC sim does not to appear to be limited to XBOX memory, hence the 17GB memory commit size proofing this.

Quick question. Are you editing the user config file LODs setting to force that much memory use? That type of memory use was what I would see before the update. 64 Gigs here also. Also your pretty maxed out on the GPU side. Hence the low fps

Here are the Xbox specification TECH SPECS

  • PROCESSOR. CPU. 8X Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU. GPU. …
  • MEMORY & STORAGE. Memory. 16GB GDDR6 w/320 bit-wide bus. Memory Bandwidth. …
  • VIDEO CAPABILITIES. Gaming Resolution. True 4K. …
  • PORTS & CONNECTIVITY. HDMI. 1x HDMI 2.1 port. …
  • DESIGN. Dimensions 15.1cm x 15.1cm x 30.1cm. Weight 9.8 lbs.
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Is 16GB the hard limit? if so, i would expect no more then 9GB memory commit for “regular” ram usage on pc, because it’s the xbox code, right?. 5GB would be enough to be used for video ram. 1GB is reserved for the OS (on xbox).

You got it my man.