Content Manager won't load if there are more than 1028 add-ons in Community folder

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Brief description of the issue:

If I have more than 1028 add-ons in the Community folder, (a) the Content Manager won’t load and displays an eternally spinning cursor. (b) the game will freeze when I try to quit the game.

If I have 1028 or less add-ons in the Community folder, the Content Manager loads instantly and the game doesn’t freeze when quitting. However, adding just one more add-on (any random add-on will do) and the above problem returns. I have tested this dozens of times with randomly-selected groups of add-ons to make absolutely sure of this hard limit and that it was not due to a problem with the add-ons themselves.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: no, not necessary.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Put 1028 add-ons into the Community folder. Start MSFS and check that Content Manager loads instantly.
  2. Exit MSFS and add 1 or more add-ons to the Community folder (so there are at least 1029 add-ons). Start MSFS and try to open Content Manager (it won’t load). Go back to the Main Menu and exit the game. Notice that the game now freezes.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant: not relevant.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (but I haven’t tested earlier builds).

I already open a support ticket on Zendesk month ago about this issue, wasn’t fixed on SU8 so let’s hope SU9 will bring a fix.


We need to all vote on this and make a lot of noise about it so that it will become a high priority to be fixed :slight_smile:

Got the same problem. Voted :wink:

Same problem…vote’s in.

Got the same problem with 1003 addons , deactivated some of them to stay under 1000, after 2-3 flights started again , now i’ve reduced to 870 but starts same issue … :angry:

Today i did encounter the same Issue with SU10, so the Issue is still present!

On my PC it is the same problem, but it seems, that I must not have more than 1024 items in the community folder, otherwise content manager won’t finish loading/freezing and it would not be possible to finish msfs by menu.

100% reproducable even after Sim Update 11: Content manager not working anymore when more than 1024 addons are placed in community folder. In this state too MSFS won’t shut down after using the menu to finish/close the application but must be killed by task manager.

As two posts with the same issue have been closed because of this one just some remarks:

  • Yes, it is a bug
  • I used to fly Microsoft Flight Simulator since FS2, under FS98 (Windows XP, 32 bit !) there was no limitation of the number of addons and since then we are more than 20 years in the future.
  • Although it seems to be difficult to collect such a number of addons for new simmers it is much more easy than assumed: When you like to fly more than one aircraft type (for example all types of airliners and helicopters and G.A. aircraft too) and you like to use them with the liveries of the airlines operating the flight legs you want to fly than your livery collections will very fast grow to the hundreds additional to the community airports you installed.

For advanced simmers it is possible to build new “collection”-addon-packages out of a group of separetely downloaded community-liveries - that is currently a workaround for me but it makes a lot of work and it makes it very difficult to update single liveries later (they will be difficult to localize inside a collection and you need to rebuild the whole collection after each update) .

Using an addon manager just to activate/deactivate the addons you intent to use in your next flight is not a solution, because you everytime would need to restart the MSFS and to wait for the very long loading time.

So Microsoft/Asobo, please fix this bug!

I come to bring my stone to the building.

After multiple searches, tests, total re-installations (OS + FS2020), the problem was still present:
when the number of 1028 was exceeded, (even only by 1), whatever module I installed, it was the return of infinite “spinning circle” when checking for updates.

You should know that I only have paid modules on the in-game store of FS2020 (so I don’t have to worry about updates), and therefore it is the “Official/OneStore” directory which is loaded and “Community” is left empty.

These modules therefore come in addition to the standard modules and files installed by Microsoft (about 800 files with SU11)

During one of my tests, I moved all these modules into the “Community” directory → no change, still the “Spinning Circle”.

On the other hand, during my research, I realized that in fact, it was the number of “manifest” files that is the problem:
Indeed, I added a module beyond the 1028, and I renamed its “manifest” file of this module, and like magic, the “spinning circle” disappeared and FS2020 started.
Of course the module in question was not loaded.

This means that it is not the number of module directories that is in question, but really but a limitation (voluntary or not) of the number of modules referenced by their “Manifest” files.

With SU11, the number of authorized modules increased from 1028 to 1189, but beyond that, the problem reappears.

The consequence of this limitation is that I will no longer buy modules (planes, scenes, liveries, etc.), as long as this problem exists.

And although “AddOnLinker” is a great piece of software, I don’t want to spend my time constantly switching from one configuration to another as soon as I want to change part of the world.

Multiplied by the number of FS2020 users, this could represent a great financial loss to Microsoft and all publishers.

So, it is urgent for everyone that they solve this problem.

For information,
I have a PC with several Tera-bytes of disks and 64 GB of ram, this is not a hardware problem.

I read somewhere the following method to work around the problem:
During the “spinning circle”, simply disconnect physically, (or logically by the Windows network manager), the network connection, this will display an alert window saying that the connection is lost.

This window must be validated.
The loading will then start.

At this point, just re-establish the connection and simulator loads and run.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this method is that the “Content Manager” cannot perform any updates, but it’s a lesser evil.

To circumvent this last point, it is enough to use “AddOnLinker” while remaining under the limit of 1028 (or 1189 with SU11), to load the simulator in normal mode, to perform the updates in the “Content Manager” to loaded modules, and to do so for all modules.
I know, it’s a bit heavy, but it works, waiting for better.

Good luck

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I only noticed this issue post SU11 and the 1189 figure is not accurate for me its still seems to be 1028 anymore than that content manager wont load

I agree to all your points…

Finally! This was driving me nuts.

I thought it was a corrupted file in my community folder but it isn’t. It is exactly as per description.
No single add-on creates the issue but over by 1 and the problem occurs.

Vote is in.
I’m surprised there are not more votes. Perhaps it is not an issue for most until they hit this limit.
This is my breakdown from MSFS-AddonsLinker
Links 922 Folders 60 Ext. links 46 Total 1028
Any combination of those numbers which exceeds 1028 will cause the bug.
I hope its addressed soon.

Well yeah it’s not an issue for anyone that doesn’t go that far. I guess there are only 30 of us in the whole world with this deep of a mod addiction? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’m surprised too, that there are so few votes - I had hoped that there would be more for a community, that is so big. We need as many votes as possible to make Asobo getting interested to solve that bug.

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I can also confirm this behavior with Links 997, Folders 6 Ext.links 25 = 1028 in total on my machine with SU11. Content Manager isn’t loading any longer and sim hangs when trying to close via menu.

I am now having the same problem now since the last update 10.29.30
Never had the problem before.