Contrails issue

Whenever I’m at a altitude where the contrail starts coming out of my plane engine, I see all other planes contrails too even if they are at a altitude where in real life the contrail can’t come out of the plane engine. Is there a way to fix this? Please tell me.

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What do you mean by altitudes where contrails can’t happen? Contrails happen generally between FL220/225 and FL400 or a little more.

In the sim I haven’t ever seen contrails lower than that, but I usually see them above FL250 and most commonly above FL300, which is correct.

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No, yesterday I was at Fl350 flying over dubai Intl and I saw contrails coming out of an airplane that was approaching dubai intl airport.

Kinda hard to know at which altitude the plane was. And if you were at FL350 I highly doubt you could have seen an airplane making an approach to Dubai low. Basically because Dubai runway is at less than 100ft above the ground, and from FL350 almost nothing is visible on ground.

Hi there,

This sounds a lot like the issue you are seeing:

Could you confirm? Are they multiplayer contrails or from live or AI offline traffic?

That was probably engine fire, lol.


Yes, the original poster is seeing the same thing I posted Aug 2021. This issue has never been fixed since the Alpha version was released.

I do not use multiplayer, so I can’t comment on that, but contrails for AI traffic are synched to the user aircraft. The exception being AI traffic add-ons such as FSLTL that control the contrail effect separately from MSFS.

Also, as mentioned above, I can confirm the user will see contrails from aircraft on approach when the user is flying at high altitude creating a contrail from the user’s aircraft. The post saying that is impossible is not considering that the contrail is easily seen from any altitude even when the oher aircraft cannot be seen.

All of this is simple to verify as I posted in Aug 2021. Turn off any AI add-on packages. Start flying at low altitude with no user contrail and check other AI aircraft. Regardless of the other aircraft’s altitude, there will be no contrails. Then slew up to 35,000+ feet where a user contrail is active and check other AI aircraft. Not only will other high altitude aircraft now have a contrail but low flying aircraft will also have a contrail. Finally, when observing the other AI aircraft, slowly lower the user aircraft and you will see all other AI contrails stop exactly when the user aircraft contrail stops.

That was me, didn’t say that it was impossible, said that I doubted that an aircraft in approach phase could be seen from FL350 hence my doubts about determining the altitude (unless of course you have tags enabled which show the altitude), but didn’t doubt about OP actually seeing a contrail below him.

Anyway I wasn’t aware of the bug report. In my case I’ve never seen a contrail at low level when I was flying at contrail level (and actually leaving a contrail). But, thinking about it, I don’t remember having seen a contrail high in the sky while I was below contrails flight level either, so I guess that could confirm the bug.

They are from live AI traffic.

Thank you for confirming!

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I know this could be necroposting but preferred to reply here than making a new thread and linking.

Apparently the issue has been solved (I’m using FSLTL, don’t know what happens witth in-game real world traffic):

As you can see, on the left you contrails and on the right (bottom) there is an airplane flying low without contrails.

Didn’t check the changelogs but seems to be correct now, but can’t assure.