Controller Setups

I have the following controllers I want to use with MSFS2020, all of them Thrustmaster:

  • T16000M joystick
  • TWCS Throttle (HOTAS)
  • TFRP Rudder Pedals

I have used these on DCS, AFS2, Prepar3D, FSX simulators.

Before I go to all the effort to manually set these up in MSFS2020, is it possible to download preconfigured files for these controllers, like it is in other sims? That would save me a lot of time and effort. If available, where are they?

p.s. I see there are already settings for these devices in MSFS2020, but I don’t see a way to activate them all at the same time, with each doing it’s own job.


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You should be able to reprogram them to do whatever you want. All your controllers are active all the time as long as they’re connected. Each has its own discreet config, and you can save multiple custom configs for them.

Unfortunately, you can’t share / save / export settings. They’re all saved in the cloud.

Short answer. No.

Coming from IL-2/DCS etc I find the config in FS2020 a bit odd and somewhat janky.

As far as I can tell all mainstream “partner” products have a basic pre-configured profile so those that don’t want to play around with config can just plug and play. (hypothetically)

Those that do want to play around will discover that each peripheral seems to exist in its own bubble rather than a global list of mappable functions where you can see all of your devices at once.

What you can do.
Each device can have multiple profiles that you can save and switch between.

What you can’t
They can not be associated with one another.
They cannot be shared.
You can not automate switching between them (for example if you have one set of profiles for single engine and another for multi engine)


Thanks for this informative response, I had figured out some of it. The MSFS controller setup is indeed somewhat convoluted compared to other software I deal with. I think rather than use the preconfigurations for my controllers, I will reset them to null, and put in what I am used to. This will be time consuming, but less error prone and learning curve in the long run. Thanks again!


I find it so hard to adjust the settings for the controller to play on xbox
same to play the game, very easy stuff I can not achieved because of the controller
any suggestions? Thanks

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