Controls, GoFlight

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask. If not please correct me.
Under “Controls”, all is well and good as long as the peripheral shows up under “Controls”. But how do you get an item to show up if it is not there, such as one of the items from GoFlight which I use for the gear and flaps?

Thanks so much.

Hi… I not own GoFlight, but may be these Topic is interessting for you:

Most likely your going to need the drivers to interface with. I had mine all working fine using the Pollypot software drivers (29.99). I have since however removed as I use the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo

I have 14 GoFlight modules all interfaced with MSFS through FSUIPC 7, they all work, except for the digits which dont show, but this is not a problem since they can be read on the MSFS plane instrument panels such as radio frequencies or AP management (heading, radial, altitude, speed).