"GoFlight Products Now Compatible with FS 2020" - Really? - YES, kind of

I just received an email from GoFlight with a link to a download to their “new” or “compatible” (?) drivers.

The ZIP file contains this file “GFConfigSetup_2_28_0.exe”, created on 2017-05-30. Exactly the same version as available on Latest Software | GoFlight

Not new, and I have not had any success with implementing my GoFlight modules with FS2020, other than than with 3rd party tools.

As Stefan pointed out (further down in the thread), “GFDevFSX.exe” needs to be started manually. It will then use the config for FSX. My P8 & LGT are working perfectly, but that might not be the case for all modules (again, as Stefan mentioned further below).

  1. Set your assignments in “GFConfig” for FSX.
  2. Run “GFDevFSX.exe” manually. Find it in the install folder where you installed your GoFlight software. (In my case: C:\Program Files (x86)\GoFlight)

(Orf course, only FSX attributes are available, but that’s certainly better than nothing. There are 3rd party interfaces that might work better with FS2020, such as SPAD.next or the ones mentioned on the GoFlight web site).

Just received an email with a link to the new driver to support Go Flight products with MSFS. Woo Hoo!

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Let me know how it works out for you :wink: Hint: within the ZIP file, check the creation date of the exe file.

I’ve asked GoFlight to confirm the driver is REAL or not.

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My assumption: As that company is one big pile of steaming :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:, it probably is real and just another take on how much they are devoted to their customer base :slight_smile: Wouldn’t be surprised if a link to the wrong file got attached in proper “don’t care” attitude.

another one than the “GFConfigSetup_2_28_0-2.zip” ?
This last officialy available one does not offer MSFS settings:

some functions work, some do not.

I have to start GFDevFSX.exe manually for working with MSFS !
At least GF-MCP works perfectly and some missing DME displays in the panels missing I have now within the GF-45.
Also frequency setting GF-166A, lights (GF-T8), parking brake, pressurization and a few others work



Awesome! It worked for me too!

My P8 & LGT are working perfectly when I run GFDevFSX.exe manually.

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I only own the MCP and GF-46, so I guess they will work.

Good Afternoon,

I have eight Goflight panels that I have gethred over the years. I have used them with FSX and the GOflight configutration software and later with XP and GIT for XP. While performing a search I ran across this thread. I do have the latest software from GoFlight but I am not able to config panels. I do not have FSX installed on my PC anymore and I do get an error when opening GFDevFSX.exe that states " side by side error" which apparently has something to do with C++ installation or lack of. So my question is do I need to have FSX installed? If not then what file do I point the GF config software to?



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@GaFlyinJake - sadly I have the same problem :frowning:

Anyone know a simple work around?

I tried running the GFDevP3Dv4.exe and GFDevP3D.exe files instead as I do have P3Dv4 installed. The programs ran but didn’t work.

You could try spadnext.com
It is a replacement driver for various external stuff. Not only Saitek.
Even if they don’t say it in their description it works for numerous goflight modules.
It is try-before-buy.
I am currently ttying it for my Saitek FIPs. And stumbled about its goflight capabilities.
Sure will buy it: 24,99€+VAT

Try it!

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As you said, SPAD.next does not support all GF modules. I already tried it. For now, the native GF software serves my needs. SPAD.next is certainly an option to consider.

So early this morning I was able to get the GF modules recognized by downloading FSUIPC7 beta, GFDev64.dll and installing the MSFS SDK. At this point I can only use the modules for inputs as the LED displays on the radios and MCP PRO are not functioning. Clarify…they are displaying dashes and not numbers…while the LEDS on the GF-T8 and P8 do not respond at all.

I have tried running GFDevFSX.exe. but still get the error mentioned earlier.

I see there is the difference between a free solution, you have to try and error. Or a payware solution like spad.next that will work but cost you €25.
As long as there is no driver delivered from goflight itself. I have doubts that we will see this at any time in the future.

Spad.next is try before buy…

Not to forget: there is also Pollypot Software but you cannot try before buy i think

Strange: yesterday spad.next worked perfectly . today after a few seconds it it gives an error and and the saitek flight instrument panel freezes multiple times. glad that I have not paid anything yet. I’m still in the try before buy stage.
May be conflicting with goflight driver.

with the help from FSUIPC buttoms and switches can be programmed for our GF modules.
Just found this in the FSUIPC support forum:

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When it comes to the GFConfig utility, you are pretty much SOL if you don’t have FSX installed.

So, either you use FSUIPC7 for the switches and buttons, but the displays don’t work, or you have to go with 3rd party software

So I ended up installing FSX Steam Edition and then used GFConfig to save a default FSX config based on my P3D one. When I run FS2020 now I still can’t run GFDevFSXSE.exe (get that Side-By-Side error) but I can run the standard FSX one ( GFDevFSX.exe) and lo and behold my RP48/GF166A/GF46 and GFLGT seem to be working :slight_smile:

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I think I have a GF FSX config file backed up somewhere. May have to give that a try.

Don’t really want to have to install FSX SE all over again.

THanks for that hint.

I use FSUIPC7 to attach button functions to Go Flight (and other) modules (Exc. Saitek). I use Spad-neXt to program the button lights on the GF modules to reflect live state of flight controls, e.g. Alt-Hold, AP on/off, etc.
If you want to get GF modules to work with MSFS, I think you’ll need to spend a little bit of money to get the proper current versions. I did— and now (mostly) everything is working for me, peripherally speaking.