Copilot Issues

Because I am new to the simulator and have a lot to learn I have been using the copilot to fly the aircraft.
It is flawed as the copilot has crashed the aircraft twice and fails to maintain the correct speeds and height. Neither does the copilot adjust setting like barometric pressure. I accept that I may have to be involved in some way but not sure how?


yea this is an area that still needs work for sure. I have only been able to get the co pilot to actually land once and not crash, and that wasn’t on the runway. Just give it time, ii’m sure they’ll be working on this…

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It does work … sometimes. I have been using the AI copilot for some flights. Similar experiences:

I have noticed on some AI air traffic, the planes are trying to land in residential houses by an airport and then you suddenly see them take off, I think its a pathing issue… I don’t know how flight sim handles that sort of stuff when your using offline AI traffic, but I dont think it’s solely the Co-Pilot stuff at fault here… but I have experienced the co piliots just flying around in a circle with a slow decent, im sitting there hanging on my butt thinking “is the AI just trying to get the correct altitude for the approach or something” and then I have to take over when I’m like 200FT from the ground haha