Correct livery with AI traffic (real-time online ) with a320neo

Hi guys. i made a discovery just a minute ago. So if you find a320neo flight in the sim (real-time online), it uses 320neo liverys from the community folder and it is 100% right. Look this pic with TAP 320neo flight coming to Orly:

Problem is, that there isnt so many a320neo´s in the sky worldwide: Aircraft Type ✈ Airbus A320neo (twin-jet) (A20N) Aircraft - FlightAware

There is also problem with flightaware, it doesent identify all the 320neo´s and some of them is normal a320 on the site.

I did try to config fs10.AircraftTypes.csv (AI OFFLINE), i delete all the aicrafts except a320neo. But there is only generic blue a320neo liviries around.

So what to do? Can we somehow inject flightawares data to think, that all the traffic worldwide is made by 320neo aircrafts. That way there would be 100% correct liverys all around the world, but only a320neo aircrafts. Or is there way to inject more aircrafts to AI traffic and make AI friendly liviries for them? Or is it only Asobos models that is AI traffic combatible?

There’s a pretty simple way to do this. I’m not at home at my computer atm, so I can’t give you the specifics exactly unfortunately.

The rough steps though:

Shut down the sim.

Go into your official packages folder and find the asobo generic twin airliner folder (sorry I don’t have the exact name atm). Dig into the folders until you find aircraft.cfg file and open it in notepad. There will be a line near the top that says something like “use_icao_generic=1” or something similar to that. highlight and copy that line (you’ll need to paste it into another file in the next step). Then change that 1 value to 0. It will now stop using the generic model to represent twin airliners.

Now go back into the official packages folder and find the Asobo A320 folder, dig down until you find its aircraft.cfg file like you did for the other plane, and open it in Notepad. Paste the “use_icao_generic=1” line you copied in the previous step (it shouldn’t be in there). That will cause the sim to use the A320 in place of the generic twin airliner.

Open the sim, and go to your options and traffic tab. Ensure you have your AI traffic uses generic to ON.

Now every twin airliner in the sim, regardless of type, should use the A320 model instead, and should correctly match liveries to the airline as long as you have that airline’s livery installed on your system.

Sim crashes in scenery loading screen, after im doing those edits. Did you forget something?

I also replace the A320 AirTraffic textures to use the big three airline alliances, Skyteam, Star, and OneWorld. That way, if the Live traffic is flying an ICAO code that I have no livery, it would load up one of these three alliances livery. Which still makes some sense, that they can fly the aircraft and livery of another airline, but they’re using their original flight number.


That makes sense. I would do that also, if sim wont crash. I dont know what is causing crashing sim.

It should work. I had that on mine (at least prior to the update - haven’t gone back to look if the update reverted the changes).

Changing those values shouldn’t have caused the sim to crash though. Try reverting them back to see if that fixes it.

I allready revert those, still crashes when im selecting “use generic” . Wont crash with “generic off” but then nothing appears. This is a mess now. Thinking about fresh install of the sim…

The changes shouldn’t have made a difference. I’ll see on my system if it’s still working when I get home from work. Only flew in and out of small regional airports since the update, so I didn’t encounter any jets. I’ll have to see if mine is still working, and if my use generic AI is still enabled.

I did get it working eventualy. I use this mod btw: Offline AI Traffic - Stock Traffic BGL Fix • Flight Simulator 2020 without it could crash.

Should i try again your settings? can you try it with airliners after this update.

I can’t make a suggestion based on something I’m not familiar with.

That mod from what I understand only works with AI traffic and not LIve Traffic. I could be wrong though.

yes that mod fixes broken gpl file that causes crash. But yes that is for AI OFFLINE traffic. Is you fix for live traffic then? I assumed that it was also for AI OFFLINE traffic.

The method I described works with live traffic. I’m not sure if it works for AI traffic or not, as I always use live traffic.

EDIT: BTW, I take no credit for that “fix”. I read it in another thread some time ago, tried it, and it worked.

Ok so i did try again. Now with live traffic. I didnt crash, but all the AI traffic planes was little cessnas. So there is something wrong with the settings i assume. And when i did try to chance back to AI OFFLINE, it did crash. So system isnt stable with this fix.

Oddly, my son tried this on his sim as well. I watched him do it, and he did it correctly . His planes all turned into Bonanzas. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong there so he reverted back. No stability issues as a result though.

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OK, maeby something changed with the world update. If you find the fix, please shout it here.

My son tried it about a month back, so it’s not recent.

I’ll check mine out when I get home from work and report back to see if it’s still working.

Sounds like a plan.

i had a cessna as a british airways departing egll lol

The update definitely reset it back to default settings for me. I had to go edit the two aircraft.cfg files as I described above.

Good news and bad news to share.

It’s working for me. I’m seeing A320s everywhere there should be a dual engine jet. I checked at Miami, Atlanta, and now San Francisco.

Bad news is that it’s not loading the correct liveries as it should. I’m seeing a United flight with a FedEx livery, Delta with a Frontier livery, SkyWest with no livery at all, and another SkyWest flight with an Air Canada livery.

So there’s another thing Asobo broke with the patch. Can’t say I’m surprised though. They’re good at breaking things.

That is a shame. I did this procedure all over again and again there was bonanzas and cessnas all over the place. I have very high hopes, that there is some kind a setting that would be solution. We just need to find it test lots of diffrent stuff. I dont have a clue what to do now, but i am intressed to test everything you guys have on your mind.