Corrupted ROLLINGCACHE.CCC prevents the sim from starting

Exactly, the “clean reinstall” FAQs seem to focus on the packages, since it’s known that they often cause problems, but the cache file is left as is.

If the user did not change the default cache location, they may not know where it is stored. The path is visible in the settings, but the problem is that you can’t check it if the sim errors out before loading.

The existing cache removal instructions also assume that you have access to the settings window, which may not be the case.

All in all, the docs can be improved.

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yep… we mentioned it often in forum, but the FAQ should be the starting point for the users and then of course exact enought. Its may be not a big thing that a support member can extend / change the FAQ.

PS: by the way, I dont like applications in general which let some files on the disc after the un-install procedure… but we are just on windows :joy:

I have a 4GB rolling cache on a ram drive, I have to turn it on and set the size in options after any reboot of my PC but it’s quickly done. Of course it is possible to load it from automatically from a file but I prefer to keep mine fresh.

Interesting idea. Do you notice any performance increases in loading times having the rolling cache in ram? If so what kind of persistent storage are you comparing it to?

Not only does the cache act as a buffer if the internet decides to skip a beat, any popping in (and there is still some even with precache set ultra) happens further away so it isn’t as noticable. Also by having nearby assets already in ram the cpu doesn’t have to suddenly find them again if you are panning or changing view (not quite how it works but ram is much quicker). I recommend a ram cache to anyone with more than 16GB and even then I never had a problem with 4 out of 16GB before I expanded mine to 32. Not that it’s so important with todays SSDs but it also saves continual writes to them so they will last longer.

It is for me!! How can you say it’s not a huge discovery for me if I didn’t know about it. It fixed my issue. Plain and simple. I have 32GB and always use ROLLINGCACHE.

Of course for you it was amazing and I’m happy you discovered it from these boards and are running well. Perhaps I should have said this is not a new discovery as it is always recommended when troubleshooting, and that includes by Zendesk which should always be your first point of call.

Wombatonfire709 wow!!! U just helped me big time Thank u ,Thank u, Thank u!! I was reading your solution earlier today at work on lunch break. B4 I read your post I tried everything in the book too stop my ctd’s . And so I couldn’t wait to get off work to come home and try your solution "Removing the rolling catch " It sure worked. After weeks of struggle with headaches along the way I’m finally at ease. Your awesome! Thanx

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I followed your advice and after a week of trying I can now open the Sim (well 50% of the time if I can time the disconnection and reconnection the internet otherwise it still CTD on loading on the PC6 image) and all my Market place purchase’s (planes scenery and Reno) are there. Unfortunately I have to reassign all my bindings for all peripheral’s and the next time I can get in the Sim these bindings have returned to default settings (which makes it useless for any practical use)
Does anyone know a way of saving the binding setting (which folder holds them) and if its possible to copy and past them into Sim. As mentioned before I don’t have any of these problems on Steam Just the through the Xbox app.


Store is some post above in that topic or also e.g. here ( with future discussions ):

PS:: that you have a 50% chance that MSFS wil start sounds still not ok

Thanks for the links I’ll have a look into then see if I can find the files. Sim won’t load when connected to internet until I’ve opened in offline mode
No 50% not ideal but better than not at all it’s very hit and miss very frustrating, kind of hope things might improve after next update🤞