Corsica and Sardinia request to TP modders

More a request really, I hope that’s okay.

The Mediterranean islands of Corsica (French but don’t say it out loud) and Sardinia (Italian) are beautiful, rugged, full of little coves, outcrops, corals, white beaches, snow capped-mountains and are surrounded by the bluest of seas. The food is sublime too. I dream of retirement in Ajaccio.

MSFS is my first flight sim and I can’t think of a better area to learn to fly and learn how to handle what the atmosphere can throw at me. The coastline is a bit broken, particularly around the West Coast of Corsica. The mountains are lifeless and the famous fragrant Maquis (Low height semi-arid shrubland)
is represented by pines and evergreens. It’s all a bit disappointing at the moment.

If anyone is sat there wondering where to cover next…


There is a better Mesh on the Market by Taburet.
BUT it seems to have some prolems.
Better mesh data appears quite late and some airports, especially 3rd party can’t be used anymore.
I recommend to wait until this is solved or this area is covered by an Asobo World Update.

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There is a free scenery for Ajaccio in case you did not know

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Hi, thanks GAParadise. Yes, I found that, Corte and Calvi and have bought the Bastia Airport pack. So I’m getting there slowly but, yes, I suspect either updates to the Taburet or Asobo meshes.


There’s also a scenery package for Bonifacio on the same site and there used to be a package for the military airport of Solenzara but I can’t seem to find it any longer

For Sardinia you have Orbx Olbia and also a free elevation model for the whole of Italy which improves slightly on the default one.
Then you have the photogrammetry packages for the cities of Olbia and Cagliari

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There is a lot of freeware stuff out there for both Corsica and Sardegna. Here’s a list of everything I have come across so far. Haven’t had time to try it all out though :slight_smile:

Better Mesh for Italy most of the Alps and also Corsica

Calvi photogrammetry

Bonifacio photogrammetry

Cavallo Island airfield

Small Corsica airfield

Corte airfield

the afore mentioned Ajaccio airport

Cagliari photogrammetry

Olbia photogrammetry

Isola Figarolo

Olbia / Costa Smeralda airport (Payware)

Bastia-Poretta airport (Payware)

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That’s brilliant, thank you so much for taking the time, it’s brought a much needed smile to this frazzled end-of-the-week face and I really appreciate it.

If I don’t fly up the weird-looking west coast, it doesn’t exist! I’m sure it’ll get a proper make over in good time.

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You’re welcome.

Here’s another one. Just went online:

Bastia photogrammetry