Cost index for A32NX private jet

Hi all, I have been flying A32NX for ages for EasyJet, Lufthansa or Scandinavian with cost indexes 15-30. Now I switched to ACJ - Airbus Corporate Jet and was wondering what would be the typical cost index there. My gut feeling says that it would be 30+ given that the time matters the most for the passengers on these airplanes, but looking here for some insights / inputs! Thank you

CI doesnt matter yet in the fbw. It has no effect. So put whstever you want. :wink:

As its a private jet, there will be no common valued around, it will differ from everyowner/operatorator.

Since this thread references both a non-stock jet and implications of a workflow or IVAO, it’s moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities

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