Could we get dynamic head movement in the cockpit?

I just downloaded the patch for SU7. Weather is AMAZING. Cessna 152 flying into a large cloud bank. Snowy. Stormy in Seattle area. As this happens the plane is taking large amounts of turbulence. Updrafts, negative air pockets. But, in VR I do not get a visual representation of this violent process. If I go to the outside camera, the plane is jostling quite a lot. Since my visibility is zero, I only have my instruments to tell me that I am in a 1000 ± VAS. It would be GREAT to have some kind of visual feedback on this with gravimetric type head movements forward, back, up, down. I think it did this in non VR and even back in FSX. The VR experience just great. I will never fly flat screen again. But can we implement dynamic head response?

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i think this is a good idea, but we have to be careful so as to not induce motion sickness (at least more outside what you might usually get in VR)

This is true. I never have VR motion sickness for the most part. But easy option to disable. I would think it would be easy to implement as well.

This will be extremely motion-sickness inducing because your inner ear won’t feel the motion you’re seeing - believe me, I know :slight_smile:

There is a way to feel this - a motion simulator. First, you actually feel all the turbulence because you’re being thrown around in your chair :slight_smile: There is no need to do any head bobbing simulation, because your real head is moving quite a bit when you get motion cues from the motors. And because those are actual movements that you feel - they are (almost) not motion sickness inducing.

I think most simulators, including racing, don’t have head bobbing. It looks great on the monitor, but it’s a guaranteed vomit comet in VR. I’m not against the option being there, of course, but I doubt it would be very useful.


If you play ACC there’s a helmet view that includes head motion for braking and acceleration, plus vertical movement like going over curbs. Run a little wide and your view shakes like crazy, much how I’d imagine it in a real racing car. Its fantastic and I’d love to see something similar in msfs but agree with concerns about motion sickness, it would need to be optional.

The ACC head motion I do remember as well. And this setting would be very customizable. Motion platforms are great I’m sure, just not practical. This effect could be tuned like the racing games do; 0~100%. Hell, getting motion sick in heavy turbulence would just add to the immersion, right?

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Does it work that way in VR mode in ACC? I think you are talking about pancake view, not VR, but I haven’t tried ACC in my motion sim yet (cause I’d have to play with a yoke, which could be awkward)

Not in the normal 1st person viewing or obviously any of the 3rd person ones but in the helmet view. As in the one where you see the outline of the helmet.

I play it with a Thrustmaster TCA sidestick and logitech rudder pedals. Kinda works!

In motion sim it’s roughly adequate in motion sickness inducing - i.e. when I run Elite Roller Coasters with has extreme motion and is almost scary - you feel your chest sinking when you drop, literally, liek on a real roller coaster. 5 runs on that, and I’m starting to feel queasy. But without real motion the effect is much exaggerated and works much faster.

In VR or pancake?

If it really is in VR and it’s tolerable - then sure, I don’t see why not add this option. But anything beyone very tiny movements is generally a bad idea. Even low framerates are motion sickness inducing because of the same uncoordinated effect, and those are quite small. It’s when visuals are “swimming around” that happens.

No VR, no party!

No. For god sake, NO

Hopefully FS realistic will be able to add it in time. They have added some vibrations but nothing to crazy

I can’t downvote this feature request enough.


As other VR platforms have this with a 0~100% adjustment. The downvote would be …0% Flat screen does it though. So. Therefore. Easy to make the option available.