Cowansim H125 released

Be good to hear any thoughts or reviews on this latest addition.

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Only a little 30 minutes test flight, great helicopter - and for me it seems to be more sensitive on any joystick inputs than any other helicopter I have flown in the sim so far…


Is it out on the Xbox platform too?

Not yet I wouldn’t think. But I imagine it will be within a few weeks, especially with the changes to the market place QA process that come into effect this week.

Just found a first impressions video on YT:

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Yea it’s a good product, flys good, but I’m not a h125 pilot so I can’t say from experience of actually flying it. But it’s good flying bird.

Pass until my other purchases get updated.


Yep, same here. Especially the start looping sounds when flying the Bell 206 in multiplayer with friends. It’s completely distracting and has not been addressed.


I was waiting for this but sometimes the throttle just cuts out randomly. I am using the keyboard for throttle and the Xbox Elite controller sometimes. I still don’t know how to use the mouse since I don’t see the option to add the up and down throttle.

The 500E and 206B throttle seems fine.

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Haha we’ve been waiting 7weeks for the MD500E for Xbox marketplace. Don’t hold your breath. :rofl:

Spent about an hour with this machine in VR last night. Flew some patterns, hover practice, generally F’ed around. One could have pretty much the same expectation as the JetRanger and MD500. It works, it looks and sounds like a Squirrel (also aka AS350), it is not perfected by any means, but it is enjoyable enough if you like that model of helicopter and understand the limitations of the add-on and the platform.

The H125 also happens to be Cowan’s latest model for X-plane so the modelling and texturing is improved over the other releases IMO. Obviously, I would encourage the rivet counter and PBR expert-types to analyze screenshots and reviews before buying (that is not my lane, but to each their own).

I like the model quite a bit. Cowan’s exterior model is much more accurate than the freeware RSP H125 (the basis of that 3D model is an older one that has been commercially available for more than a decade, and has been used as the basis of several other add-ons from multiple platforms). Plus you get Cowan’s usual attachments, toggled via the W&B menu.

It is very sensitive on the controls. The AS350 has that reputation IRL but I had to create a new profile and change my curves slightly from the “standard” profile that I use with the B206 and MD500. The collective over-sensitivity and lack of ground effect are extremely confounding when hovering/taxiing (but those are MSFS issues…407 still suffers from the same after SU12) when combined with the sensitive cyclic of the Squirrel. I wasn’t in the mindset to analyze the F.M. beyond that.

The sounds have some issues, but I think most users would be OK with them. IMO, the exterior occlusion is wrong, so there is a bit too much rotor noise in the interior with all the doors and windows closed. I’m not saying it’s a bug, it’s just not what I think the aircraft sounds like inside. I am particular. A better sample of the AS350’s distinctive interior gearbox whine would help (Cowan has already said on XP forums that he is working on this). The blade slap sound is the same as the MD500, which was not particularly accurate for the MD500 in the first place, but totally wrong for an AS350. If you have FSRealistic, you can turn on the correct blade slap sound, which is quite immersive. I don’t have FSRealistic but I’m actually thinking about buying it for this reason.

There are other small issues with switches and animations (e.g. avionics switch is on for a cold start but otherwise works properly). Cowan has admitted that he rushed things to meet a deadline that I think he set for himself. :man_shrugging: It says on the product page that it “is an early release”. I have talked to Josh from time to time on a facebook group, so I believe that he will release one or two hotfix-type updates within a couple weeks and then go work on something else until MSFS has another sim update, at which point he will progressively update the fleet.

P.S. One Hundred Repaints are included :scream:


This heli and all others in MSFM missing the “force trim”. A core implementation for helicopters.
Hope Asobo will fix it or Cowansim find a workaround to add. I know that is present in the XP version.


Glad to hear that, there are some things (particularly cockpit texturing) that for me are not up to the standard of his two previous releases. Hopefully there are fixes/upgrades forthcoming.


Screenshot 2023-03-24 160533

need some improvements on those textures…

look like its melting…


any suggestions on how to map the throttle? when starting up, I can’t get RPM to go above 60%…

I just move the throttle to fly using the mouse and that works for me.

Oh, that’s awesome. Might pick it up a bit later. Looks quite good so far.

won’t go above 60% turning the thottle manually

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Personally I am trying to love the Cowansim H125, but the flight model feels a bit weird at the moment. I am no expert, so I can only go by my seat-of-the-pants feeling. But I would really expect more stability in cruise, and a more predictable behavior in slow flight and hover. The torque behaves strange, just like with most other MSFS turbine helicopters. Reaction to torque pedal movements is extreme, especially to the right. Right now the helicopter feels unfinished and too expensive for what it delivers. But I still want to support Cowansim, because they are one of the very few companies creating helicopters for MSFS. I hope they will get better with time, and get the needed support from Asobo.


Yes, very nice hely indeed but - I agree - my 1st impression has been that it feels - and behaves - too sensitive and unstable…too much, compared to all other hely’s I fly and sensitivity I live with with no probs with all the rest.

Just my 2 cents…


100% agree.

I could fly the real one…not like that, not so sensitive, not so unstable even on fwd flight or slow turns.

Hopefully it will be improved :wink: