CPflight MCP with MSFS2020...and the upcoming PMDG 737

Has anyone succeeded to connect the CPflight MCP module to MSFS2020?

EDIT: Has anyone tried the new CPFlight drivers for MSFS2020?

Hi, did you manage to get CPFlight MCP working with 2020

I have one, It works, but I use prosim.
MCP is connected to prosim and prosim connected to MSFS via FSUIPC.
I don’t know if it can help.

@Tigershark85000 Thank you for the information.

I am not familiar with Prosim.
Do you think it is worth it, from technical difficulties, time to install and configure and from costs point of view, to get Prosim only for the purpose of having CPflight to work on MSFS2020?

do you have 737 MCP?
what other hardware do you have?
do you have hardware cockpit? B737?
prosim is very expensive, it worth to buy only if you have advanced flight deck.
do you own FSUIPC? maybe there is a way to make it works only with that (LUA script or something like this).

i read this from the user manual (EL version, but it is true for the Pro version)
IMPORTANT: the MCP737EL supports default FS aircraft and third part add-on aircraft using
FSUIPC data format and offset

it means it works with FSUIPC, using the provided interface software InstFSX_367.zip
again, this is for EL version, go to the relevant section if you use another version.

maybe you already try this.
if yes, does the MCP respond to any command? or not at all.
I notice that MSFS 2020 mostly use same FSUIPC offsets than FSX.

@Tigershark85000 thanks for the info.
I googled in the meantime and found out that Prosim was too expensive to run only the MCP. Actually I have 737 MCP+EFIS and do not expect to get additional instruments.
I have FSPUIC installed and I was hoping to find a kind of plugin (based on FSPUIC or other software) not necessarily free, to do the job. I don’t feel I have the knowledge to do it myself. So if you know about any solution in that direction, it will be very helpful.

can you check my edit post?
i put a link in attachment.
which version do you use?
may I ask, what flight model do you use for 737?

Thank you again for the info.
I have a CPflight MCP73 EL (just got it few weeks ago). I use it to fly the Zibo 737 in X-Plane (via the Midwest plug-in and not the CPFlight software) and I like it a lot. My hope is to be able to use it with a B 737 that will be available on MSFS2020 in the near future.

I am a beginner and have no experience at all with FSPUIC. I am willing to spend time learning but would like to avoid reinventing the wheel.

The link you provided points to an exec file. Before running it I need to know what I am doing. When you mention the “user manual”, is this the CPFlight user manual?

The MCP is off when I run MSFS2020. It cannot respond.


Thanks @TenPatrol . This is very useful. Maybe SPAD.next has already done the job. I’ll try to find out.

do you own FSUIPC 7?
if yes, I would try the following.
install USBdriver64 found on this page
choose “technical and manual”
after that install the exe is link to you before, run it, this software allow the MCP communicate with FSX (it should work at least partially with MSFS 2020), via FSUIPC.
you can try.

Yes I have FSPUIC running. Nothing to set up or configure?
Also the USB driver is already installed (needed to use CPFlight on X-Plane 11 Zibo B737).
All what I need then is to rus the software InstFSX_367
Hopefully it will not interfere with Mobiflight/Arduino hardware that run on my PC (an AP panel dedicated for CJ4 on MSFS2020)

I don’t think there is anything to configure in FSUIPC (at least not for a first try)
only run the cpflight software for fsx once installed (some things to configure here if I remember well, com port …)

does it work?

Did not try it yet. On one hand there is not yet a B737 in MSFS2020 et on the other hand I need to make sure that running InstFSX_367 (from CPFlight) will not mess up my configuration (Air manager, Mobiflight, etc.). By the way to use the CPFlight MCP737EL with X-Plane I did not run InstXplan11_00, I am running Midwest737 (yet another software) that works great. So kind of little worried as to the impact of running InstFSX_367.

Hi there. CP Flight work with Pro sim Perfect. But I haven’t use for MSFS2020. easy to install and configure. I would recommend. Chek it out. Please//

You can use OPUSMFS : it has a driver that work well with the CpFLIGHT (but not all the fonction), I use it with the TBM930 (The EFIS panel don’t work but the MCP is ok)

Hi there, you need Latest Pro Sim 737 Software to connect to MSFS2020 Version 3
check it out.
regards KP

CPflight seems to have now (this is new) a driver for MSFS2020 for both Boing (MCP737EL) and Airbus (FCU320).

  • Any one has tried the CPFlight MSFS2020 driver and can provide feedback on his/her experience?

Now that the PMDG 737 is about to be released on MSFS2020, anyone knows if the CPFlight MCP737 would work with this aircraft?