CPU Bug "Limited by Main Thread" is causing the bad FPS

Once again, really aggressive. I simply don’t understand why.

Let’s all come together collaboratively, to help each other rather than being this aggressive eh?


It is unfortunate that users of sim do not have the knowledge to balance the game, as stated.

I still think it’s a bit of an ask for regular users to be tweaking the settings to this great degree.

I understand that this is an opportunity to learn, but spending 6 days to tune my system to get a good experience is a bit too much.

I would rather have Asobo Microsoft explain this officially, so I can either get some profile to support the reasonable level of performance or detailed guidance on tweaking.

Seems a bit outrageous that we are left to our own devices.

I appreciate it’s a new game, but I would assume alpha beta testing is there to find all the issues and align the performance against suggested hardware published by Microsoft.

Anyways, I better get cracking reading them settings lol.


I wonder, if his agressiveness is only here on the forum. If thats true in real life also… Dear lord. Hhahahahaha


sadly, thats how it is for a lot of major software titles that take on an entirely new type of software design.

This is Asobo’s first ever full fidelity sim, and the level of complexity.

@ClammiestPick15 thank you for that …


Thanks for what?

it took that long because of the major changes with updates we got. it was about 6 days total time, from first getting into the sim program till public release.

Could your discussion not better be handled via PM?

I mean I am for open discussion, but I do not see what would be the benefit for the general public (imo).

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portions of it are in PM

Imo the moderation team here is extremely lenient when it comes to locking threads. Which I highly commend as we have many important things to discuss.

In most other forums such a lengthy battle between 2 users would have been locked, because it is a personal matter.

Better just agree to disagree and let it slip. Probably both of you have points that various people agree with.

CPU limitation is not new to flight simmers (because of the need to process huge amounts of geodata), so there can be no clear winner here. You need a fast CPU and RAM and generally a lot of bandwidth, while the GPU is there to render high resolutions and high quality shaders.

Just my 2c


Please discuss topics, not people.

And please be respectful to each-other.

Really, it’s not that hard.


I have run and rerun the virtual cores on and off… I get much better results with them on. CPU not maxed out, all cores about even. 20+ gain in FPS.

I7 6700K @ 4.5

@AGuther, have you tried this fix regarding cockpit instrument tuning? I notice your earlier comments regarding better performance outside of the aircraft but not so much from inside.

Yes, traffic is another CPU performance killer,

However I have not done specific benchmarks in release version, only alpha.

Lets not add wood to the fire and keep this thread civilized, it was very interesting and relevant fore new users experiencing issues up until a moment ago.

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That’s really cool - how much for the rig? Looks really life-life :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I use it and it works very well in my case - as the other fix inside the cockpit.

Everyone who has this issue, please check that you don’t have any swap files on HDDs should those be in your system. If you do have them on any of the HDDs, switch them off for such disks and move to SSD(s).

Similarly, if (like me) you have previously taken advantage of the Xbox Game Bar’s ability to capture “instant replay” clips in other games, be sure to disable that and/or at least check what disk it’s using to cache recordings.

In my case, I discovered today that not only had I forgotten to disable that feature, the system was writing the recording cache to my HDD media drive. When I disabled that, my lower-end system gained 10+ fps.(*).


rig specs: i7-7700k OC’d to 4.8, gskill cl16 3200mhz 32gb (2X16), asus apex IX z-270 MOB, EVGA sc black 1080ti, 2Xsamsung evo 850 ssd 500gb each, 2TB WD black caviar HDD, Air cooled cpu, corsair airflow 740 case, Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27" WQHD 1440p g-sync monitor.

Basically, the rig is 3+ years old besides the recently replaced ram, but… it cost me back then from top to bottom around 3000$.

so, understanding the different items in the FPS display would help you…

-rdrthread is GPU/CPU interaction
-GPU is obviously the GPUs response to drawing it’s part of the FPS
-MainThread is the CPU itself and the world thread which itself is limited by the rdrthread/manipulators/coherentgtdraw/gpu items below
-Manipulators and CoherentGTDraw have to do with the virtual cockpit gauges and displays. You are FPS limited by the cockpit, I’m guessing in this screenshot, you’re flying an A320 or B747 or B787 as those are known to have an issue with the complex displays creating low FPS.

There’s a patch made by the community that addresses this issue by lower the rendering calls of the gauges by skipping frames allowing the game to render more often than the gauges.