CPU Limited, I think?

I’m am running the betas by the way

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If you experience the performance/stability i did, and want the FS exe to automatically set to High (it changes back otherwise), I’m using Prio Process Priority Control app…it does that.
Hope it works for you

How do I set it as high priority?

Right Click the flightsimulator.exe in task manager, then select Go To Details, (it will open a new page) Then Again select the flightsimulator.exe, right click, focus into Set Priority and then click on the HIGH option

I just downloaded prio_x64 it doesn’t do anything :thinking:

Stuff that.
It’s too much hassle.
I get task manager up, follow your guide, then task management disappears, and game comes back to full screen, and task manager goes missing.
Not worth messing about, but thanks anyway

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Prio only sets your manual priority settings (in background) through restarts etc…the app itself isn’t something you need to run. It just makes your settings stick.

Well if you decide to give it another try, try having msfs in window mode so you have visibility of the desktop, that might simplify it.

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@Louforgiveno The procedure for Task Manager is fine. It works.

You did something wrong.


Now that is interesting. Since SU5 (was that the one with xbox release?) I have never seen CPU RAM usage going above 5-6 Gig. I’m also often main thread limited and have been wondering for a long time why the Sim does not use more of my 32GB.

Just turn every slider up full, set your screen to TAA @150 %
You’ll soon see more memory getting utilised :+1:

The option did come up.
But I was playing in full screen.
I’ll try again in windowed mode. Should make it easier

Yes that is my plan.
Thank you.
I’ll let you know

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I’m going to try turning HAGS on today, its only off as that was the default information going about when i started out, now it seems that if you are CPU limited turning HAGS on might help a little.

Soon find out…

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Let us know

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Tried HAGS - it gained me maybe 1-2fps but seemed a bit jerky. I’ll turn it back off when i shutdown.

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Yes I’ve just tried hags on and got the same.
Turning it off.
Also running in high priority didn’t make any difference unfortunately.
Worth a try though

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