Crash during view panning in cockpit

Microsoft Store Version
Non developer mode

I’ve been unable to do any flights after sim update 7 - whenever I load into a cockpit and pan around to a different view, it will stutter/pause (along with the sound stuttering), and I’ll CTD without any message- even the event log isn’t showing anything. The only thing I’ve been able to do to affect how it crashes, is adding the TdrDelay in my registry, as I thought it was NVIDIA driver that was hanging up.

I suspect it may be the terrain/scenery precaching for off screen, so I am playing with that setting as well.

What I don’t get about the crash is that it freezes first- as if it needs to load scenery. And the program gives up in the end.

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I had this exact situation with every single flight over the last few days after 20-30 mins of flying.
I turned off windows hardware acceleration and now no issues.


Looks like that worked- I can pan now without the freeze/crash. This is now switched off (although it used to be on to gain FPS, so I hope I’m not losing anything but crashes)


This actually worked for me in Windows 11. I used to get CTD’s after 1 minute of fight or event from the Fly Now screen and was totally unplayable but disabling hardware accelerated CPU scheduling worked and now I can play the game normally.

Also I had a problem with slow update downloads even though I have a 1 GB connection, but disabling ipv6 in my ethernet adaptor solved it instantly and downloads went from 10mpbs to 200mpbs. Maybe it helps someone.

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Worked for me too!
Now I can pan without a single CTD!

Just for the records.
I was having CTDs mostly after “Ready to fly” but not for all airports. I was able to load the flight for small airports only (?!)
And sometimes CTDs while panning with joystick upper button.
After cancelling Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, no more CTDs of any kind.

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