Crash to desktop without error message

now I remember me at these EDLT…

I also tried this old issue and it was reproducable.

I assume it is exactly same issue as you report. Please join this thread :slight_smile:
( you can made a link to your former post in these thread, so you avoid doubled content )

And not forget to create a ZenDesk Ticket.

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So there is already an issue with the vicinity of EDLT? I will check the topic and issue a ticket.

yes… but don’t forget: important is ZenDesk-ticket

( sorry that I repeat that, but lots of users are not aware of that )

No problem i will do. As soon as i can help to reduce the bugs in the sim, i am happy to do so.

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Hello, I hope it helps those who have problems with profiles when connecting a USB.
1-Disconnect the Internet.
2-Delete everything that this route contains.
C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ SystemAppData \ wgs \ xxxxxxxxxxx …
3-Connect your devices to USB.
4-Start simulator (it will ask us that we are without internet so we are going to configure everything again and with the options of without internet.
5-Check in controls that the devices have been detected and check in the route that we have already created the correct profiles.

one note…

See also:

W10 had the 2021-1 .NET core 3.1.11 update waiting for me. After installing that it seems (fingers crossed) the CTD has ceased. Makes sense since .NET was CTD at the same time flightsimulator.exe was crashing.

is this part of normal windows-update process or special update because eg. Visual Studio ?

Ok, went through all of it now, no success so far…

To my knowledge it is not part of a “normal” Windows update, in that it will not automatically install as part of a routine update for Win10.

You can download the latest .NET version from MS here

I also got it running again just now. I took a different approach though:

-Deleted c:\Users(user)\appdata\local\packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\systemappdata\wgs everything in that folder.
-disconnected internet
-started the sim
-several 'your’re offline blabla messages will appear, until you end at an XBOX popup giving you the options to abort or retry connection
-reconnected the internet
-selected reconnect
-update starts
Now it gets a bit confusing, I don’t know if it worked because of it or despite…:
-I chose a different folder that what I used before, full 100+GB download started
-I aborted by closing the window
-restarted the sim
-now I was asked if I’d like to keep the cloud or local profile
-choose local
-update process starts again
-now chose the already existing folder
-nothing downloaded, sim starts ans is fine again

Downside: logbook deleted (doesn’t bother me), controls and other settings deleted.

So clearly something messed up the cloud profile or the syncing with it. The workaround is absolutely insane for the common user, there just should be an option to delete the cloud data, once it gets corrupted.

It looks like it should have updated as a part of Patch Tuesdays but for some reason on my machine, it was stuck. Once I did a manual update it updated just fine.

Hi @Seven7Tango , @KenG1175 ,
thanks for answer… I only wondered me bit about these .NET update, therfore the question. I think also it is not part of “normal” windows update and thus most users not get it ( and possible not necessary for most users ). Also wondered me bit about the “version number 3.1…”. And as per description it seems a security update related to this .NET core lib.

Find Microsoft Flight Simulator on the list

Select Advanced Options

This does not exist for me under steam install. When i hit the windows settings and choose apps. I can see microsoft flight simulator, but it will only let me uninstall, there are no other options.

also i only seem to crash about an hour into a flight, when it closes down silently to desktop. I am running a i9 9900 KF. 32gb ram and a founders edition rtx 3080. There is no way on this earth should msfs be closing down or crashing to desktop. there is no logs of these crashes either. i watched a vid on youtube where someone tried to fix these crashes for other people with this problem. This problem seems to be quite deep rooted and i am more than surprised this never got flagged during the beta process, because this affects a heck of a lot of people. The first patch didnt deal with the crashing and the second patch has done nothing either to fix the issue.
I would also like to point out, there also seems to be wild speculation that msfs seems to only run properly under 1909 build of windows, where the 2004 breaks it again and this latest window build doesnt actually cause any issues or i should say add to the crashing to the desktop issues.
The most difficult thing in all of this, is the lack of crash logs. it just silently closes down to the desktop.

I also cannot understand why I have no ability to reset flight sim through the windows apps, basically the only choice i have is to uninstall.
More over i have a very slow 46mbps fibre internet connection, which means if i have to redownload and reinstall this monster sized sim, it will take me more than 12 hours to do so, and thats if there are no problems with slow downs from the microsoft servers. To be honest, redownloading for me is not an option, with my speed line.

what can i do to stop these insuferable silent crashes to desktop? I havent tried changing to 30fps. I have done the change in the nvidia control panel for msfs, and i am going to try it in the sim itself. other than that i am completely lost on what i am supposed to do… it feels like i wasted on a dead rubber duck if i cant use it!

I have been doing long flights on the stock 747-8 lately and even got a solid 14 hr flight in without issues. My Nvidia 1660 Super seemed to be running dependably but there have been a few attempts doing long haul, that have had this issue of CTD, out of nowhere.

I updated Windows to latest, cleared out the mod folder, and manually increased my virtual memory in WIN 10, did the NET update above and have MSI Afterburner set with full power scale, and the average overclock settings most are using.

I’m happy to report that I have just completed KJFK-EGLL w/ live weather, w/live traffic, RollingCache OFF, and EGLL in manual cache. These two airports are scenery heavy as well, and the entire flight was completed without issues. I was surfing the web, watching Youtube, using Navigraph, Adobe reader open and switching views in game frequently.

I will start adding mods and doing long flights and keep an eye on it. There is nothing else to be done. We are at the performance wall already with this title, and it seems that a lot of things must work in harmony, windows, this title, and gpu drivers - all at once.

I’m no expert, and not sure of any of the recommendations improved things, since I did complete a 14 hour non-stop using a community livery, with a few other community mods in the folder just fine. The title is just unstable with all that is going on in the background. I hate the feeling that my flight sits like a deck of cards, and one movement of the mouse could or breath of air would cause a CTD…but I’m afraid that’s how things are for the time being.

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I can confirm that this is most definately not the case. I run on 2004 currently and have not encountered and CTD since August. (USB bug got me once)

The windows logs will provide some valuable information, anytime, any software crashes.

This seems very odd. First question is did you purchase the MS Store version or the Steam version?

Huh? Read the thread dude. You sent me a load of his posts where he thought the problem was fixed which is why I told you to look at his most recent post, which showed he was still having problems. That’s all!

No need to be nasty, to answer your question no I don’t have anything better to do which is why I’m desperately trying to stop my FS from crashing.

Appreciate all your help so far.

Ok thanks. A bit annoying but I can live with that.

I thought I was on to something with the temperatures. I noticed my graphics card was regularly getting up to 83° before the crash. After some Googling I found that my card throttles down in power after reaching 83°… so I thought that must be it!

Sadly I ran a fan profile on my last flight, which kept the card below 75°… but the sim still crashed with the same error. :frowning:

Back to the drawing board. Getting sick of this.

I’ve come back with something particularly…Odd for my crashing. My game will be perfectly stable and working for a good period. I’ll have no problems. I use OnAir so I’m trying to explore more planes to use a stepping stone between the TBM and the Longitude.

I’ve come to realize this occurred last time I had spontaneous, no-error crashes as well. My game will be operating normally at any and all points until I try to fly the Grand Caravan. If I try to use the Grand Caravan at all, regardless of community content or…Anything, really. I’ll have a CTD within 30 minutes of launch.

These crashes will persist for an indeterminate amount of time, regardless of what plane I try to use after that. They also persist through full game reinstalls, and Windows update flashes/reinstalls. Basically, I found if I left the game alone for a few days, if I came back and avoid the Grand Caravan, everything was working fine again.

Sooo yeah. No matter what happens, if I touch that plane, I’ll have crashes for… I have no idea what extent. I haven’t been able to properly test it because I get frustrated. If anyone knows anything about this particular issue, it’d be wonderful to have an idea of what’s happening!

Wow. Almost 2.5k replies to this thread and still not a “known issue” or any acknolwdgement from Asobo of MS.

I just did a 5 hour flight from Montreal to LAX and the game CTD with the same Exception code: 0x80000003 on final.

No GPU throttling. I have a 3060 Ti and the temperature was a steady 60-70 degrees (which is completely normal for my card and wouldn’t throttle until at least 85-90.

Fresh Windows install, fresh MSFS install, no mods, all .net, all V C++ runtime packages installed.

Seems to be the game for certain.