Crash to desktop without error message

a like but a link which currently not works… yep…

( can you made it public ? )

still not sure what should this change :wink:

Have a look here, there you’ll find more details: [FIXED] Random CTDs due to internet and hardware issues

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yes… I seen this long ago, but also with it I still not sure how this should avoid a CTD if the Fl…exe is shifted to another core or limited to run not at all cores. If this would be an issue, then we all must have a CTD and need to change the affinitiy :slight_smile:

My only idea was, that CPU Turbo modes comes in steps at the cores and the user system have an thermo issue. But was also not sure about…

Example: in my case (i7-8700k) the cpu11 is the one which msfs use in 100% . I can simple shift it with the affinity to another core, but it makes not different and this in special because I use kind of overclocking “Sync All Cores” : so all my cores run in 100% Turbo Frequency.

But of course: users can try that. But for a “Try” they can also simple use the Taskmanager :slight_smile:

The reason why a custom CPU affinity mask might prevent a CTD is, that when Windows is low on resources, it is forced to free some in order to prevent a system crash or BOD. Thus, it shuts down all resource intensive processes in order to save the system from crashing.

So any CPU core that is left over for anything other than FS2020, allows the system processes to utilize this free core alongside the demanding tasks of the sim. This however makes only sense for CPUs with more than 4 cores, as DX11 uses 4 cores and anything lower than that would lower the overall performance.

And of course people can try this via the task manager directly. That’s how I described it in my performance forum thread :wink:

hmmm… I’am so often in 100% load ( real load ), never seen that windows killed my game :slight_smile:

But I think I understand the idea behind : let one core free for the system…

It might be interessting for which kind of CPU this would be helpfull. Possible a list should be created where it was helpfull.

Here you can see a switch where I disable Core0 and it jumps to another core.
( note: I made former a test-case, normaly CPU11 is my 100% core… and it is not a full-load scenario where also all other cores in near 100% load ).

PS.: DX11 is not limited to four cores,… the most games only use max four cores.


ah yes… I should think about more within the other topic :slight_smile:

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OMFG !!! 3rd CTD now after the patch !!! No stutters but CTD !
How can they be so useless ?
I am beyond frustrated !!
This is the next Cyberpunk !!



I tried it and found no issues… IFR, all live, used Navigraph, …

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I have the same, second flight after update, one hour and CTD.

ando also some sudden freezes out of nowhere !!

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When I get them, there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Even had one ending a flight. Shut off engine, shut off alternator/avionics, boom back to desktop. Yesterday night seemed to go OK, got a flight or two in trouble free. But that, as i’ve seen, doesn’t mean im cured

Sudden Freeze–> than CTD
after 30min or less gameplay

Microsoft and Asobo, this is a joke!
Xplane was programmed by 15 people, never had this issues and so many of them!

Microsoft Flight Sim was releasend in August!!!


And the funny thing is that almost 8 months later the CTDs have worsened instead of decreasing. Between November and early March (with my older GPU) I had zero CTDs. After the early March patch it’s hell on earth. I’ve been playing games for 35 years and frankly I have never seen a software title that crashes as often and in so many different ways as MSFS.

The sole fact that there are so many random workarounds suggested officially in the zendesk site (and many more unofficial in these forums), all of which are irrelevant to each other, speaks volumes of the stability of this game (rather, the lack of it).

Just think of this: in my case I have a clean WIndows installation with all patches and updates. I have the latest version of MSFS, all updates in all apps of MS Store, the latest chipset drivers, the latest BIOS, the latest GPU drivers, no overclock, no issues with any other game, a sufficiently powerful PC (5600x, 6800XT, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVME SSD, 1000W PSU and so on). I have even tried with dozens of older drivers versions with no results. And the only thing that made some difference was to disable Microsoft’s own Xbox Game Bar! But CTDs still persist in various occasions, it’s just that I can now finally load a flight (usually, but not always). I cannot even begin to comprehend the fail of this.

Some people, who obviously have not suffered from any of the above issues, talk about Constructive Feedback.

I say “vcruntime140.dll”.


i also have an very powerfull PC
5900X + 6900XT (both custom watercooled) 32gb RAM 3000mhz

awful performance and CTD

The almost best CPU and almost the best GPU but the FlightSim is so bad programmed :sob:


Yup, it seems that CTDs returned. I have experienced two CTDs today. First one took place during pushback, after setting up an aircraft (FBW A320).

Another took place one hour later, when I was over Sweden cruising to Iceland. Last fix increased the FPS, yet CTDs are back.

(i7 8700k 32gb of memory & GeForce 1070gtx)

The random CTDs are definitely back again for me. 2 crashes one when loading into a flight and other just before t//d. Both CoherentUIGT.dll on event viewer.
R3800x, RTX3080, 16GB@3200

yeah I agree. The last hotfix solved this weird fps stutters, but now my sim crashes after 2-3 hours of flying… This never happened before.
1080 ti
32gb 3200mhz cl16
i7 10070k

Just keep on voting, almost 70 votes in March and counting. Unless Asobo make this their absolute and undisputed #1 priority, we’ll never see an end to these CTDs that make MSFS unplayable. I don’t care if they take a year to fix this, as long as I know that they’re actively working on the issue and are allocating as many resources to it as possible.

Been playing the game since launch (147 flight hours) and had my first CTD today. Culprit is or just a coincidence?

Was flying Flybywire A32X to Naha Airport. On approach selected flaps 1 and then game froze followed by CTD.

My FS9 (2014) may not look as good as MSFS (Asobo) 2020 but it works with no CTDs.