Crashes after SU8!

I have this problem too with SU8, never happened before. I am using a Radeon driver with DX11.

Go here: CTD during startup of MSFS after update to SU8 - #10 by NYWhiskey

You don’t have to change anything to get different conditions after an update, as the update changes e.g. the loads/strains on the system.
In my case 3 of four crashes were related to insufficient VRAM (to high LOD settings), the VRAM is constantly outsourcing into ram… And this then induces potential errors and leads over time to an CDT.
Additionally i had a slightly overclocked GPU, which i tested with Furmark (should then be stable ingame), yet i noticed that in after reseting the Values/Deleting the OC MSFS is way more stable then with the applied overclock. I guess that’s caused by peaks of high loads on the GPU that are different then in other games. Don’t forget the strain on your system with FlightSim are higher then with most other games, meaning that insufficiencies within your setup will show primarily with FlightSim. :blue_heart:

I too had almost no CTDs until SU8 and it then started happening nearly every flight even with empty community folder, updated drivers, etc, etc.

I took the large step of a complete sim reinstall (180gb) and it’s been perfect, not a single CTD and very smooth performance. It was about a 4 hour download but I only had to re-input graphics settings as the controller settings and key bindings are stored with your Xbox/ms account. So I would recommend this as an option to try if you have a higher speed internet connection. I had never reinstalled the entire sim before but it’s been great so far and fixed my CTDs. Good luck to the OP, it’s very frustrating to have to troubleshoot this kind of problem.

yeah,. i am afraid something goes wrong woith the update process, leaving old files etc.
i think its wise to reinstall every few big updates…no fun there.

I’m having this same issue, I have tried, clearing the cache, turning off live traffic and live weather, empty the community folder.

RTX 3080 with latest drivers

Sim crashes as the flight is loading.

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Any marketplace item you guys have installed that could be causing a CTD?

Constant ctds on xbox x too since SU8, maybe it’s not your hardware, but the problem could be on the software side.

Easier to blame your stuff, than solve the coding issues maybe.


Same problem here ,sim either wont load (have to run in safe mode first) and the the flight loading freezes 1/3 of the way through . Worst its been

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After the most recent update the A320 is unflyable constant CTDs when I get close to an airport. And yes it’s just the A320 all my other aircraft have no issues.


Intermittent but daily sim freezes when loading flight since SU8. With or without Community add-on content. If by some miracle it actually gets into the flight, not long after is a CTD for no apparent reason.

Please investigate. PC-I7- 16mb Ram, RTX 2070, SSD’s.

If not fixed after the March 24 update (if the update goes on time), will be yanking this sim out and doing a total reinstall from scratch to purge any old Asobo content that maybe in conflict with the new.

I suspect SU8 didn’t remove some older files before cluttering with new files hence it seems that there an internal conflict somewhere in the default sim content.

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It sounds as though the sim is “unplayable” for you. If that’s true, then, other than a very slow Internet connection, it sounds like you have little reason not to perform the reinstall immediately.
I never had a problem with the update process until SU8, when a glitch literally erased MFS from my computer. No matter, the reinstallation was painless on a 200Mbs connection. The only problem I had before that was an unresponsive rudder on the ground – not a severe enuf problem by itself to warrant a reinstall, but it was gone after I did. I lost nothing of importance to me; even my custom tail number remained undisturbed, and my most frequently used airports remained in the dropdown listing on World Map as did the custom controller profiles

I know, its in meanwhile like a running-gag, but had you ever installed google maps-add on ?

Yep the odd time… no problems. (Always ensure clean remove).
(Host file is clean). But thanks, many have had that issue by host file stuck on google but sim trying to load Bing. Now this problem is like “trying to find that needle in a haystack”

have you checked your windows pagefile , I ask because your system runs with 16gig RAM ?

Yep think so. Have set a tad lower 2.5 gb (0.5 gb lower than the auto setting for my system with 16 gb ram on 64 bit system (I7) and my configuration of drives. Whereas Windows pagesys file auto setting allocates 2.935 gb. System is fine. The issue is the sim following SU8.
Refer to: Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes - #805 by Delta2k5

with 16GIG RAM it might help to set a manuall value of minimum:8gig and maxium:25gig

Not sure if required as have never had a problem with it but can give it a try it MichaMMA. And nothing lost to make a pagefile sys switch and test it… and if necessary, only takes a couple of mins to reset/revert to the previous.
Thanks MichaMMA.

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Same issue here after WU8… CTD during loading, or just after.
I estimate CTD 98% of the time when trying to fly from Europe, so virtually unusable.
It seems to be a little more stable flying from the US.
I do not understand how MS did not see that problem before releasing the update.

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