Crashes back to Xbox Series X Desktop

The game crashes back to desktop (Xbox x)
Tried without Live players, but still having problems. It’s very random when it happens.

It’s so annoying… why would they release a game that crashes like this… mine crashes every 10 minutes


The good news is, it’s happening to a lot of players… I trust that the team will be able to fix it and produce an update. Fingers crossed.


It has been happening to a lot of players for a year on PC, just saying.


Same here. Yesterday (launch day), it crashed every time during the “Pilot Seat” loading screen at ~90% completion. Today after a full reinstall, it still did the same thing the first time, but the second time it actually let me in! And then promptly crashed after around 10 seconds.

What IS this. We’re all using the same system and all. Is it the locale? Mine is in the newly introduced Swedish. Networking conditions?

Having constant crashes on PC. Can’t do multiplayer without freezing or crashing, tried on Series X as well. Very frustrating.

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Here the same. CTDs all 5 minutes. Is there a solution in sight? We needd a hotfix…

The game is crashing back to dashboard before I can even get to the main menu. Hopefully these crashes are sorted before the weekend…

Same. Had the first CTD over Tokyo…

Freezing a lot doing multiplayer in a group. As soon as I get close to someone it freezes.

Strange you guys have crashes,
been playing on Xbox Series X for +/- 5 hrs, not a single crash. 1 thing I don’t use for now is multiplayer and only real airlines AI is set to ON.

I still need to test the PC version with latest update.

GUYS!!! Turn off live traffic in your options!!! This worked for me and no more crashing !! I swear

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I had zero crashes in 5 hours, now 4 in 30 minutes.

Clearly something has changed in my choice of settings. I cannot even select ‘Live Traffic’ so it’s not that.

I’m running: Multiplayer off / AI Air Traffic / Live Weather

let’s try again. :thinking:

EDIT: 5th CTD - I opened a control panel in flight.
EDIT: 6th CTD - simply progressing in level flight
EDIT: 7th CTD - level flight over a town.

Trying a hard console restart.

My AI traffic is off as well. Turn that off too

Exactly the same here

After 8 crashes today, it’s beginning to wear.

I’ve yet to complete a single 20m flight. :thinking:

All my series x crashes occur whilst doing landing challenges. No crashes yet on world map.

I did what peaceEXP said after having 5 crashes in a row turned off ai traffic and reduced vehicles boats etc to 50% has not crashed once since and I have completed several 4hour + flights :smiley:

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2 crashed yesterday, 3 today.

Will try turning off live traffic and see if that makes any difference.

I get random crashes on my Xbox X too. Haven’t tied it down to anything in particular in the simulator and will likely give turning AI traffic off a go, but the crashes are infrequent rigth now, perhaps only one a day over several hours use.