Crazy monitor flickering then crash to Desktop when switching to VR (Reverb G2 WMR)


quest 2 user here. crashes and terribad fps if the game loses focus which often happens when leaving and re entering VR as well as crashes when going to main menu.


For all who have flickering VR, check you don’t have any game window (ATC, map…) open on a second monitor when launching VR. It makes it crash !

See here :

Possible solution: I had the same issue, and after much investigation and reinstallation, I found that if you have multiple screens and have “ANY” control windows such as ATC or VR map open on one of your other screens, you will experience the flickering and potential crash of MSFS.

Simply close the ALL control screens on other monitors before entering VR.

Hope that helps many who are having this issue. :wink:

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You could have just read my post above… and avoided much investigation and reinstallation :wink:

Thank you that fixed it i forgot the sim doesnt support multiple monitors in vr

System: i9, 3090, Reverb G2, single monitor

I did a flight today using VR and everything worked perfectly. CJ4 with a SimBrief flight plan.

I rebooted the computer and when pressing CTRL-TAB to enter VR the VR binocular screen flashes quickly and the mouse or keyboard don’t work. The G2 only has a solid blue display. I can only close MSFS using the task manager. This was using the identical aircraft and flight plan as before.

The G2 works perfectly in the Cliff House.

I haven’t made any configuration changes. I’m stuck and could REALLY use some ideas on how to fix this issue.

Thank you in advance,


I couldn’t use VR when I create a own flight in the world map. Always crashing. Only mission playing was possible. I found that there were two windows open on my second display ( Flight map and COM). I started my flight via world map without VR. When I saw the flight I saw also the two windows open on my second screen. I close the windows and started my VR. Now it works. I didn’t saw the windows before because the second screen was off and disconnected. But the flight simulator always thought that I use a second screen. In the missions the windows are all closed. That’s why the missions works fine.
Sorry for my english. I am not a native English speaker. I hope could help. I found the issue because I read this posts. Thanks guys and have nice Flight.

Hy all
that’s mine “flickering” … it happen only when I switch from monitor to VR and at the same time the image on the monitor start to move crazy but NO CTD !