Crazy yaw turning after landing

After landing, using the keyboard (so far… I haven´t try yet with the stick), just when the front wheel touches the ground, the steering goes to the right without any response. First I thought it was a matter of the aircraft but then I realize that happens with every plane.

I have been reading many people who have the same problem but yet not a solution.

Any ideas?

Crazy ground services… the stairs disconnect just after getting in place.

Ok, you, if you are having problems with crazy yaw, turn after landing dón´t do anything of this because it won´t work:

  1. Don´t delete your custom parameters… it won´t work
  2. Don´t uninstall the simulator… it won´t work.
  3. Don´t spend hours and hours changing parameters, nor planes or airports… it won’t work.
  4. Don´t change any .cfg parameters at the planes… it won’t worl

I made all of these things and they simply didn´t correct the problem.

Apparently a custom file gets randomly corrupted and you are basically screwed because you can´t identify which or where is.

I post the issue at the zendesk and once I have the answer I will post it here if ! first, the Sept 17´s patch does not correct it first. Hopefully, it will.

same here, it makes no sense, all planes want to crazily steer to left (most common to me) or right. All controls are perfectly configured and all perifherals are corectly calibrated. No idea why this is happening. This should go in the bugs section so it can be voted imho.

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same here…

Yea and it is a huge bug because you simply can not use the simulator.

It also happens to me that steers at the left and suddenly to the right. The thing is that even when the plane stops, when you idle it again, it keeps crazy so it is imposible to taxi to terminal.

Does any of you have FStramp installed?

I think I have partially found the solution,
The problem seems to be located at the Assistance Options
I disable the piloting assistance and recover a full control of the plane.
However I have to make several tests before I am sure, and anyway it is a big BUG!!!, but at least we can play while they fix it!.

Wow Joshing, that sounds amazing for you guys. I use a HOTAS setup so i was not affected (i don’t know if joysticks can be) by this bug. But what i really like is, that you as the OP come back and tell everyone what helped you. I hope it can help the others too.

So CUDOS to you!

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It seems the problem has not yet been fixed - I am suddenly (after the last update) having this experience with my joystick. I even purchased a new Thrustmaster Airbus joystick as it looked to me as if the old one had an issue, but no change.

Most of the times on most aircraft I find that, after landing, I have zero control over the aircraft using the joystick. I can do some rudimentary steering using the num 4 and num 6 buttons. Very little chance of taxiing to the gate - and with the current issue that it doesn’t properly register a flight if you aren’t stopped at the gate and switch off your aircraft, my flights are not being registered,

Any ideas?

I just have to start the string again… I just purchased the Seminole and the rudder is erratic with uncommand movement. If I’m at a dead stop and I push left or right rudder pedals and hold, I can watch the rudder pedals slowly recenter. Very annoying… Any assist will be greatly appreciated.

It appears add-on aircraft can suffer from this response given I just purchased to Carenado aircraft and both are eratic, uncommanded movements of the rudder. I couldn’t agree more adjusting, resetting and tinkering with anything…'Won’t work"

Are you sure you’re not all just landing with a strong side wind?


I’m watching my rudder pedals in the sim reacting eratic. Will check.

Update for stability issues:

To improve stability:

  1. Open your “Flight:model.cfg” file (using a text editor as notes block).:
  2. Go to flight tuning: and modify this parameters:
  • aileron_effectiveness = 2.5 (higher values increases sensibility)
  • roll_stability = 5.25 (higher values increases control of the sensibility).
  • yaw_stability = 5.25

This changes allow me to control much better the A320 specially at final and landing.

Everyone can try other values.

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