Create custom weather from weather presets or live weather

I think it would be nice to select live weather or any other weather preset, then change to the custom weather, with all the settings from live weather or the preset ported over. That way, you can change only a few parameters (for example less wind, less lightning, etc).

I think it would be a great idea to make it so we can customize the live weather, because sometimes I’m cruising at like fl340 and there’s a bunch of clouds, for casuals like me it would be nice because I could make those clouds lower so I can view the beautiful clouds this game has.

But…but then it wouldn’t be live weather?


Well no … it wouldn’t.

Although - I’m not sure if this what Lambodude19 had in mind - but it would be nice to switch from ‘Live’ weather to ‘custom’ and have the live weather conditions set as the baseline that you could then change.

Actually I thought you could already do this, but it seems not.


Well, at least it works the other way round.

I actually understand the approach of forcing live weather when flying with live traffic. I believe it affects runways in operations and such. Having a live aircraft flying under live weather for, like, RWY25 and yourself flying in custom weather with RWY07 open could cause a lot of mildly annoying situations to say the least.

Assuming the MSFS ‘live’ weather matches the ‘live’ traffic … :sweat_smile:

Personally, I always fly with live weather as it is one of greatest joys of aviation (to armchair pilots like me) and greatest variables/concerns of aviation to pilots in the real world.

Still, can perfectly understand the suggestion.


yes that is what I meant and I do understand that people who want the most “realistic” flight, but you cant do that when there is like 90knots of wind when you are trying to land, yet in real life the wind speed are just like 10 knots or something so I would like to change the wind speed yet be able to use the live weather without 90 knots of wind

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Honestly I was a bit disappointed too when I found out there is no way to change the live weather once in the game.

Though I do somewhat understand why. Live weather is weather in pockets while custom weather is the same everywhere. I guess I’d still like it occasionally.

Hi; this is a feature I too would like to see!

Another nice related feature would be to add multipliers to live weather, like “keep live weather active, but reduce the wind speed by 50%.” Live weather really adds realism, but sometimes you just like to tweak it a bit.


I think live weather should stay as it is since it’s using actual weather in the present time and date from currant meteorological data.I’ve been wanting to see actual custom weather where you can make different conditions around the world via weather stations at airports and VOR stations without having to pick the basic setups already in the game.

I don’t think anyone’s proposing to get rid of live weather. They just want to use live weather as a starting point to create their own weather.
In other words, I believe they’re asking for a net new feature, not modifying an existing feature like live weather.


Live weather is a great feature,i believe the old sims had it too if you had internet connection.I think Asobo should use the custom setting button next to preset to expand it by changing it to allow individuals to customize the wind layer and direction and turbulence options,clouds & precipitation and visibility at different stations and save it on a weather file.Because you currently can’t do it right now at this state of development.

Sometimes I like the current live weather, but just want to change 1 or two small things. My suggestion is, when disabling live weather, to keep the current weather settings in the weather panel instead of immediately switching to a perfectly clear sky.

This would allow you to simply raise the ceiling slightly or remove a little snow while keeping the overall feel. ALSO it would also allow you to SAVE the current weather settings in case you’re really feeling the picture so you can re-use it later!

Of course, after disabling live weather, you can always go ahead and change it to whatever you want in the drop down menu. But this would give flexibility and options instead of immediate erasure.


I agree; making a change based on the current live weather would be a welcome feature.

What I’d really want to keep though, is the weather variation during the flight. The changes in weather from point a to point b is half the fun and adventure. It would be great to keep these “live weather” spatial variations, while still allow tweaking the overall cloud coverage or wind speed (e.g. to allow VFR).


So far, whenever I am flying, I have two distinct options: either I pick one of the preset weather states (including self-made weather) or I choose live weather. The former is extremely bland (same wind, temperature, cloud coverage, altimeter setting everywhere) while the latter may not be flyable for me at all (VFR).
Take flying near one’s home town: in general, when the weather outside screams “go fly in live weather NOW”, it also screams to me: “get your butt outside NOW”.
So, I propose the more rewarding “live weather modified” mode (as is partially integrated by the possibility to fly in live weather but selecting a different time).

I imagine being able to have switches for:

  • No precipitation
  • Max Ground Wind capped at XXX kts
  • No clouds below XXX feet
  • min visibility XXX km
    or just:
  • force VMC

Now, I do not know how hard or easy that would be to implement, but for me, it would absolutely be a blast!

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i use unreal weather mod. with that one can make any kind of weather imaginable. personally Im curious as to where the sim gets it weather info from. sometimes its right on and other times its right off…

It sucks that you can’t save the custom weather at other airports,you can only do that with the departure point before you fly across the different stations like the old sims had.I hope the team addresses this problem in the future.As well as adding temperatures in Fahrenheit because i can’t use Celsius when creating temperatures at the stations.

Being able to “tweak” live weather to make it suitable for VFR would be great for environments like VATSIM that encourage using at least real winds, temperatures and pressures where possible. There have been quite a few times where I would just need to raise the cloud base/increase visibility a bit. Very occasionally, capping the wind speed would be useful, but much less so than cloud/visibility