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Thought Diamond needed a flight school presence in the USA. Repaints of the DA40 and DA62 in the livery of the fictional Diamond Flight School of Winter Haven Regional Airport Florida. 4k textures with custom interior colour, work in progress. Not sure about the flag on the DA40 tail yet as this renders well on the DA62.


Improved flag graphic positioning on DA40,

Available for download here.


My first repaint of an actual aircraft. The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology took delivery of 6 DA40 NG aircraft in February 2020.

The actual line up on delivery day


Repaints of the DA62 in the colours of Flight Calibration Services Limited located in Shoreham, United Kingdom. FCSL took delivery of their first DA62 in 2016 and now have have a total of 6 Diamond DA62 aircraft. The aircraft are used for flight calibration, inspection, validation and checking for the full range of aircraft radio navigation aids. FCSL operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Lithuania and Malta. Outside Europe, FCSL operates extensively in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

Repaint features:-

  • Custom exterior livery based on actual aircraft.
  • G-GBAS in gloss white with gloss orange tips.
  • G-TACN in matt gray with gloss orange tips.
  • Body coloured prop spinners.
  • Black interior.
  • Exterior texture resolution at 4k to allow more detailed fuselage graphics.
  • ATC contact uses correct registation abbreviation.

Repaint of the DA62 in the colours of Berichi Aviation Flight School of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Berichi Aviation took delivery of their DA62 in late 2019 and it is part of their flight instruction fleet. You can see an interesting video of a test flight of this aircraft here You can find more information about Berichi Aviation here

And the real thing


My latest repaints of the Diamond DA62 have been uploaded to

Repaint features

  • All liveries match real the aircraft as close as possible.
  • Custom metallic paint textures and effects.
  • Custom Onyx or Cashmere Beige interiors.
  • Prop spinner colour and prop tip blur colour matches actual aircraft.
  • Prop tip blur adjusted to match prop tip colour.
  • Registration in custom font type/colour.
  • Basic, standard and special decal packs.
  • Exterior texture resolution at 4k to allow more detailed fuselage graphics.
  • ATC contact uses correct registration abbreviation.


Could you please post the aircraft without registration. Most users prefer to use their own.

Thank you in advance. Appreciate your hard work.

I own the gray/silver. just like you have it But with black interior.

Using the user changeable registration means you lose the font style and colour. Happy to do a rego and interior colour combination for you though. Just send a picture.

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Thank you so much, really appreciate your offer.

I have a problem with the registration. The plane was picked up last week. It is being re-registered. I don’t know how long it takes the FAA to issue a new registration number. I imagine it may take a few weeks. I will pass them to you as soon as I get them.
It’s metallic gray

Updated the rego and interior colour, both easy changes. Once you get your new rego I’ll update the aircraft. Have sent you a link for the aircraft separately.

Hope you’re using the DA62X mod. I’m sure the author would appreciate any comments from a DA62 owner.


Thank you SO much BilingualHarp7. I will do that as soon as I have it.

Now, I will have fun in the air and at my desk.

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Latest repaint of the DA40 NG in the livery of the Aviation Academy Austria’s requested by @Iusetoflyboeing.


ew, AAA :stuck_out_tongue:

jk, probably gonna do my ATPL there


Updated my DA62 multipack.

  • Added the option of user changeable registrations using the default Asobo method. This does limit the font and font colour to the MSFS default black.
  • Reduced the prop blur strobing.
  • Added glareshield registrations to all aircraft.

BTW OE-UDH is a temporary ferry registration.

If you are looking at Diamond (and austrian ofc) aircraft for inspiration.
OE-V stands for “Versuchs” (test) and U probably stands for “Unregistered”

These aircraft being Nigerian now start with “5N”

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Can’t find any photos with their Nigerian registration. Did find a partial photo of a Nigerian Air Force DA40 that suffered a collapsed nose gear. NAF-214. Looked like it had the college’s logo on the tail.

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Repaint of the DA40TDI in Utah Valley University colours.



Repaints of the DA40 in 3 colours of the chevron decal livery common to both the current and previous generation DA40s. Each colour available with either a fixed coloured registration based on a real aircraft livery, or with user changeable default black registration using a generic livery.

VH-TVX (Fixed registration) - Used for a 2020 demonstartion tour of Australia by Australian Diamond distributor Utility Air.

N338DS (Fixed registration) - Currently listed for sale on Aircraft King.

N121NG (Fixed registration) - Available for training at the Aspen Flight Academy.

Blue (Changeable registration)

Blue/Orange (Changeable registration)

Red/Black (Changeable registration)

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Repaint request for ShierMantis8875 - this is not a repaint of a real aircraft livery.

Download here


Perfect. Bony