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Just wandering. I noticed in text files that came along with zip packagee alot of stuff are not right where it should be. Are those bugs polished or I still need to mess with cfg files and such? I must admit I am not fan of editing anything, i don’t mind mods but I don’t plan to edit anything by foot.

In order for me to answer you will need to be more specific about which bugs and which repaints. All repaints should work without any modification. You only need to edit anything if you want to change the registration or what rego ATC uses to communicate with you. And these changes are not available on all aircraft.

I have a question

With your new update I can have the default registration as it is set in the Sim.

I realize that the font will be different. However in my case it shows up in black

Is the color a function of the sim? or can you adjust in an update.

Thanking you in advance and appreciating your fine work.

Repaints wer just my badly read part so that is ok. I was puzzled since I saw that I need to edit cfg in order to make engine work better in taxi? I noticed that when i think now that plane needed abnormaly large thrust on ground in order to start rolling. Anyway, disregard that. All ok. Maybe new sound file for Thrust bug could help?

Any issues about the performance of the DA62X mod should be logged in that thread. My contribution is only repaints of the DA62, and am not involved in the DA62X mod development.

Thanks for your comments. Everything is a bit of a compromise caused by Asobo. The aircraft.cfg file contains both a font type and font colour for the registration, but neither has been enabled. Perhaps they plan to offer it in a future update, or maybe it just ended up in the too hard basket.

While it is technically possible to have a specific font colour with a changeable registration, this leads to compatibility problems with other mods. For instance doing this would make my repaints incompatible with the DA40-NGX and DA62X mods. And potentially incompatible with the standard DA62 aircraft if Asobo does any sort of update to the files this process would use.

So to maintain maximum compatibility for my repaints, the workaround means you can either have:-

  • a registration of your own choice that uses the default font type in the default black.
  • a fixed registration using a custom font type and colour.

If or when Asobo does an update in this area, I’ll update my repaints.

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Hello there, I’d like to kindly ask if someone is able to do this repaint, EC-LRF
Diamond DA40 G1000 Aircraft - Grupo One Air Most online photos are outdated (An old brown livery) If you want tthe HQ logos message me. Also, as I couln’t find anywhere a template for the DV20, if someone is also fine with it I’d also like to have this Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse Aircraft - Grupo One Air

Thank you very much.

Repaints of the DA40 in the Diamond Twister decal livery in Blue, Red, Lime, Orange and Silver. Each colour available with either a fixed coloured registration based on a real aircraft livery, or with user changeable default black registration using a generic livery.

D-ENCS (Fixed Registration) - Red Twister livery of German registered DA40 NG. This aircraft sports a unique version of the Diamond Twister livery promoting the New Generation version of the DA40.

OO-JOZ (Fixed Registration) - Blue Twister livery of Propeller BVBA based at the International Airport of Kortrijk / Wevelgem in Belgium.

OE-KFL (Fixed Registration) - Orange Twister livery of Linz Flight School of Hörsching Austria.

OE-DXK (Fixed Registration) - This DA40 sports an unusual version of the Twister livery in that it is in non-standard silver and also contains an extra curve not present in the standard Twister livery.

VH-CJB (Fixed Registration) - This is a fictitious repaint in the livery of Sky Aviation Australia. While Springtime Green (Lime) is listed as an option in the DA40NG brochure I could find no pictures of aircraft using this colour of the Twister livery.

Blue Twister Decals (Changeable Registration)

Carmine Red Twister Decals (Changeable Registration)

Springtime Green Twister Decals (Changeable Registration)

Orange Twister Decals (Changeable Registration)

Silver Twister Decals (Changeable Registration)

Custome Beige Interior better matches Diamond factory colours than the MSFS default interior.

Now available for download.


Here is KFL getting an engine swap and full power runup.

This was the exact plane that got interested in the DA40NG

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I think something must have happened to the nose wheel cover on OE-KFL. In some pictures decals are missing from the front wheel cover, but are always present on the outside of the rear wheel covers. I am guessing it was damaged and replaced and the decals not replaced.

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Community request repaint of DA40 registered LN-FTV in the livery of the Pilot Flight Academy, Norway.

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Community request repaint of Diamond DA40 registered OH-DTH in the livery of the Patria Pilot Training, Finland.

Now available for download

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Fantastic repaints, Crispy!

And thank you for giving us some with changeable registration numbers! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Repaint of Diamond DA40 registered N179L in the livery of the Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy. LIFT is owned and operated by Republic Airways, and based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Now available for download


WOW, this is great!

One of my favourites too.

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Repaints of Diamond DA40 in the livery of the European Flight Academy, a brand of Lufthansa Aviation Training. Available with fixed registrations with custom font type, colour and placement, OR with a registration you can change yourself in default black.

Now available for download


Repaint of Diamond DA40 registered VH-UEX in the livery of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC). The Australian Air Force Cadets is a youth oriented organisation that is administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force. Appropriately created this repaint on the Australian Day holiday.

Now available for download


For the ChangebleRegos liveries I managed to figure out how to change the tail/registration numbers within the sim and no longer worry about the aircraft.cfg everytime. Just revert atc_id to “ASXGSA” and you’d be able to change the tail/registration number within ATC OPTIONS. Though, I’ve yet to figure out how to change the color as it defaults to black (at least for the Ruby livery I’m using).

The method used to change the default font colour on any aircraft with a changeable registration means can mean that the aircraft is either incompatible with mods like the DA62X or incompatible with the default aircaft DA62, if Asobo do an update. As a result changeable registrations on my repaints are only available in the default colour, which on the DA62 is black. While Asobo have both a font type and font colour available in the aircraft.cfg, they currently don’t work. I personally always prefer to have a registration that looks like the real thing, rather than have one I can change.