CRJ700 - ATC and Electrical Systems

Hey there, I need some assistance. I can’t seem to turn the radio on in the CRJ. Message from ATC says "The Electrical Systems must be turned on in order to use the radio and speak to Air Traffic Control (ATC).

I’ve gone into the EFB and tried every aircraft state, from cold and dark to ready to taxi. Aircraft is clearly powered up and all other systems seem to work fine. I’ve tried pushing/pulling VHF knobs (and all the others) to no avail.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Would really like to get back in the air.

Also just reinstalled the CRJ … and no luck with that either

Overhead panel top left, turn on AC power (BAT Master), then right next to it turn on EXT power after selecting the powercart be connected on the EFB aircraft page. Or APU starter and then APU on. That should do it.

There is also a RADIO page in the MCDU where you can dial in the frequencies.

Have you assigned controls for the Avionics Masters? Try remove it and see if it works

That was it! Thank you. I have an Alpha Flight Control Yoke, and for my GA planes I’ve assigned the Battery and Avionics Masters to those switches. Not sure why it wasn’t an issue before (e.g., FBW), but looks like I’m all good. Thanks for the kind help. Much appreciated!