CTD Fault bucket 1416265762726355220, type 5

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The game CTD’d shortly after spawning cold & dark at the GA ramp parking area at KONT.

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This is a screenshot I took about 30 seconds before the CTD. Note that this bug is not about the missing jetway parts - that was filed in a separte bug report.

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I spawned cold & dark at the GA ramp parking area at KONT & immediately changed to the drone camera to view the airport. I flew the drone towards the terminals & jetways (see pic above). At this point the game CTD’d. I had been in the flight for perhaps 2 minutes, max.

The Event Viewer System file reports two events at the time of the crash:
Event ID 26: Windows - Out of Virtual Memory: Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file.
Event ID 2004: Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: FlightSimulator.exe (5928) consumed 20,494,159,872 bytes, dwm.exe (1928) consumed 8,837,541,888 bytes, and MsMpEng.exe (4316) consumed 307,916,800 bytes.

This is the second time I have had a low virtual memory condition caused by MSFS. The first was last night as I was landing in Stuttgart, after a I-hour flight from Karlsruhe. That CTD froze the entire PC requiring a hard reboot. No error for that CTD was reported in the Event Viewer.

NOTE: This Out of Virtual Memory condition has only occurred since installing City Update #6. I have not been seeing CTD’s while on SU15B v1.37.12.0 until City Update #6 was installed.

Many issues may be due to an outdated graphics card. Please state your Graphics Card Driver Manufacturer (NVIDIA, Intel, AMD) and Version (Learn how to find your current graphics card driver version):

Intel Arc 770 (16GB, v31.0.101.5382).

PC specs and peripheral set up:

Partial Specs & settings:
Build: SU15B v1.37.12.0
3rd-Party Addons: None, Community Addons: None
Flight configuration: Multiplayer: All Players. Traffic: Live, Weather: Preset Clear Skies
i7-12700K (No overclocking), 32 GB 5200 MHz DDR5 CL40, Intel Arc 770 (16GB, v31.0.101.5382).
Graphics Tab: Full Screen 3840 x 2160 TAA, Render resolution - 100, AMD Fidelity - 150, VSync - On, FRL - 33% MRR (120 Hz), HDR10 - On, DX12B, TLOD @ 400, OLD @ 200, Motion Blur - Off, Other settings - all Ultra (Water Waves & Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate @ High).
Traffic Tab: Aircraft Traffic Type - Real-Time Online, Slider Settings - All 100%, Generics (AI, MP) - Both Off, Show MP in Vicinity - On, Traffic Variety - Ultra
Data Tab: Data Connection: All six options - On, Data Limit - Off, Bandwidth - Unlimited, Rolling Cache - Off
Developers Tab: Developer Mode - Off
MSFS Version: MS-Store, Standard, plus All WUs & City Updates and most MS free aircraft (Pelican, Dune Expansion & Orbis FE Hospital not installed).
Peripherals: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Xbox 360 USB Controller

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Fault bucket 1416265762726355220, type 5

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SU15B v1.37.12.0

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The sim just CTD’d again, this time just after landing at Zurich.
Application log error: Fault bucket 1416265762726355220, type 5
System log error: Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: FlightSimulator.exe (3188) consumed 25,816,121,344 bytes, dwm.exe (1956) consumed 931,475,456 bytes, and svchost.exe (2688) consumed 893,579,264 bytes.

On a couple of flights today, I had Resource Monitor running. At the start of the flight, you see something like this:

As the flight progesses, the amount of free memory decreases:

Although the free memory fluctuates somewhat, the trend is always downward:

Eventually, it reaches zero & the sim crashes.
My page file is system managed. Recommended value is 4,952 MB, currently allocated is 6,656 MB.

I’m going to try an experiment & manually set the pagefile to 10,000 MB & see if this makes a difference.

I went through having a spate of similar CTD’s a while ago and came upon the same solution. Given the availability of large and fast M2 drives, my page file is manually set to 40,000MB (I can’t remember how I came by that number) and CTD’s are no longer an issue. I can’t be certain that was 100% of the fix, but it certainly helped.

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So, following Zendesk’s advice, I increased my page file to a minimum of 32 GB & a maximum of 40 GB.
Today I flew two flights in the Diamond DA40NG:

  • Bremgarten (EDTG) to Neuhof (LFGC), and
  • Friedrichshafen (EDNY) to Pattonville (EDTQ).

Although neither flight ended in a crash, I’m still seeing the same behavior where the amount of free memory keeps decreasing during the course of the flight. It decreases the most (not surprisingly) as one approaches scenery-intensive areas such as Stuttgart, but the memory does not seem to be released after one leaves the area. For example:

I remember when this same issue happened to me doing a lot of internet searching to try and find the source of the crashes and a fix.

You are not the first to encounter these crashes as the memory fills up, and a quick search will show you endless complaints of the same thing from users of lots of titles, including MSFS.

When it comes up on the forum or FB groups, someone generally chips in with the sage advice of “ah, you have a memory leak” without any indication of their level of expertise, whether that is even a thing and much less often, how to solve it.

I am an enthusiastic builder of a few higher end PC’s, but I am absolutely not IT trained in any way, so take this only as the suggestion of a user who has become fairly good at resolving MSFS issues over the last 3 years.

There is a free tool called Intelligent Standby List Cleaner or ISLC, which might be worth trying. It’s made by the team behind Display Driver Uninstaller or DDU, and it appears to be safe and well regarded although check it out for yourself. You can set the parameters of your physical and virtual memory, and the tool automatically clears the memory when you reach a certain level of use / free space remaining.

MSFS users report it solving CTD’s, and there are plenty of YT videos and threads on this forum that can give you more info. As I said, I’m no expert and I do not use the tool myself, since increasing the page file size seemed to fix the CTD’s for me. I can do long flights of 4-6 hours without any issues, but I think it might be worth giving it a try in this case. It’s free, and you can remove it should you find no gains.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info on ISLC. I’ll check that out, but as I’m on the SU15 Beta, I want to see if I can find the cause of the CTDs that are now occurring. :man_mechanic:

Possible causes, based on recent changes to my PC, are:

  1. Installation of City Update #6.
  2. Update of the driver to my graphics card.
  3. Changes to the Graphics settings in MSFS after I added a 55" 4K TV to my system.
  4. Installation of one or more of the Windows updates that were pushed out over the last week.
  5. None of the above. Something else is going on.

Item 1 is the “obvious” choice as the CTDs started happening after it was installed, but I’m not convinced that it is the culprit. CU6 did not change any core content files (AFAIK) and is basically just better photogrammetry & scenery, similar to all the other CUs I have installed.

Item 2. I upgraded my Intel Arc 770 GPU driver from v31.0.101.5333 to v31.0.101.5382.
While a bad driver can cause CTDs, I doubt that it would cause the continual reduction in memory that I’m seeing that is causing these crashes. If the culprit, I’d expect to see a bunch of CTD-related posts in the Intel A770 Graphics Card thread, but there are none.

Item 3
After installing the new TV, the display configuration in MSFS changed from:

  • Two 1366 x 768 @ 60 Hz 1080p 32" TVs (1 using Experimental Mode Window) to
  • One 3840 x 2160 @ 120 Hz 4k 55" TV & one 1366 x 768 @ 60 Hz 1080p 32" TV displayed in the Experimental Mode Window.


  • Render Scaling was changed from 125 to 100
  • TLOD was changed from 250 to 400
  • Frame Rate Limit was changed from 100% MRR (60 Hz) to 33% (120 Hz)
  • HDR10 was changed from Off to On

As expected, I saw a reduction in FPS both with 100% MRR @ 120Hz and obviously when capped at 33%.
The rendering of all those additional pixels & a higher TLOD impacted the FPS and might cause an increase in memory consumption (I’m no expert on this) but I don’t see why any of the changes would cause a continual reduction in memory over time.

Which leaves item #4.
The updates that were installed on 04/15 were:

  • 2024-04 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 23H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5036893) and
  • 2024-04 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8.1 for Windows 11, version 23H2 for x64 (KB5036620)
  • A bunch of Windows Security virus definition updates & the like.
  • Xbox app & Xbox gaming services were updated on 4/11 & the Microsoft Store on 04/15.

Was there something in the two Cumulative Updates, Xbox app or Xbox gaming services that has affected MSFS? I have no idea, as I’m not an expert in these matters.
Investigations will continue…

Interesting, the plot thickens!

If it helps at all, I have CU6, am in the SU15 beta and have updated to Win 23H2 in the past week or two (both KB5036620 & KB5036893)), but haven’t had any additional CTD’s - none at all in fact - so maybe those can be discounted as the reason?

Updating the graphics card driver and changing display - I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but like you I would have my doubts, although apart from this and the other in-game changes you mentioned, it’s tough to see what could have caused the sudden change.

I believe I have identified the problem.

When I added the 55" TV, I connected it to the HDMI Port of the Intel A770 graphics card. The motherboard will always prefer the HDMI Port over Display Ports to show the boot screen if the HDMI Port is connected, unless one specifies in BIOS to use the HDMI / DP connections from the Integrated Graphics Chip instead.

Since I did not want the 55" TV to display the boot screen, I connected my second 32" TV (that the 55" TV replaced) to the HDMI port of the i7-12700K and set the IGC in BIOS as the primary video monitor boot option.

This all worked as expected. The system boots up to the secondary 32" TV, which I also configured as my primary display. The 55" TV & primary 32" TV were connected to the Intel A770 graphics card. These two TVs were configured in MSFS to run the sim, leaving the secondary 32" TV on the IGC free to display LittleNavMap & Task Manager, Resource Monitor, etc.

The problem is that the IGC uses some of the system memory to uses as VRAM for the IGC, and this appears to have caused the low virtual memory conditions that cause the CTDs.

Having reconfigured the 3 TVs to use only the Intel A770 graphics card, and disabling the unused IGC in BIOS, I have successfully flown multiple flights without any CTDs. The Free memory still can get fairly low at times but has never dropped to zero.

However, I have seen posts in these forums where folks have connected monitors to all their GPU & IGC outputs without having low virtual memory conditions, so while I now know the cause of the CTDs, I don’t understand why these users can use their IGC with MSFS and I cannot.

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