CTD / Freeze when using Garmin

Game has either CTDd or frozen when navigating G1000 (Multiple props) or G5000 (Cessna Longitude)

Cessna Longitude crash location I had opened the destination runway waypoint and was attempting to click it a second time to close the popout.

Navigate the Garmin system. Seems to happen mostly when in the flight plan menus and takes a fair amount of time scrolling through or altering the waypoints. It has broken every IFR flight I’ve been in and makes IFR impossible to fly for more than short hops.

Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2070 Super, 32mb ram. All drivers up to date.

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The linked posts are of the Garmin system yes but not the same issue and except the first they have little relevance. My avionics or the MFD do not freeze, the whole game does. Neither does it seem to trigger from knob usage or dependent on time in game. The bug seems directly related to the flight plan screen or waypoint display in the Garmin systems which IS vaguely mentioned in another post, however it’s a post that lists about a dozen other issues with no screenshots or specifics. garmin issues

I made this post to keep it clean and on a single topic: Navigating the Garmin MFDs crashes the game and seems related to the flight plan and waypoints menus.

Perfect. Glad you took the time to confirm that those links do not describe your problem in detail. I am assuming then that you did some searching as well.

I have also encountered this particular bug a number of times. Particularly if trying to modify a plan already in place.

You get my vote. Did you also check Zendesk for related reports and file a report?

I encountered the same issue these days. When flying the SR22 and trying to navigate the nearest ndbs or airports in order to select NAV frequencies, the whole game freezes.

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