CTD in World Map!?

Here lately im CTD in the world map section randomly, when planning a flight or picking an airport. Very strange …doesn’t Crash in flight …just in world map randomly.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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you have or had once google-map-replacement installed ?

I have had this as well on teh XBox planning a short flight Dublin to Gatwick. I saved the flightplan and reloaded and it crashed again

Yea, experiencing that as well (PC, MS Store). Appears random like the other CTDs i get, usually a 2-3hrs into the sim things crash, no matter if i’m in a flight or in between flights on the world map. I do hear a little pop from the audio device, then CTD. Tried many things, posted somewhere here in frustration, nothing helped so far and i mainly reverted back to my other flightsims. Hope SU10 will bring some changes as the sim runs pretty nice for me whenever it doesn’t crash.
EDIT: No map replacement installed on my side, neither gmaps nor anything else in that regard.

Mine went CTD after clicking ready to fly especially after SU10, other settings remain the same before the update… still have yet to find a solution to fix this. Anyone managed to address this issue with your pc/settings yet? help!

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have or had you ?

( CTD, but only when in World Maps - #3 by PhoenixHahn )

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I’ve had before. but recently I did a clean reinstall of msfs. do you have a workaround for this?

yes, try this:


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I’ll give it a try. thanks

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no luck fixing CTD. Even in Safe mode. sigh

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you remember whether former some entries within the hosts existed ( line which not started with a " # " ) ? Only then you was in the issue caused from google-maps-mods. ( in special CTD even in safe mode was caused because the invalid host file entries :slight_smile: )

Otherwise you can may be post the log message from windows event viewer. May be we see some intressting info.

CTD with “Read to Fly” can have also other reasons… e.g. invalid rolling…cache , or some data in AppData folder ( cleanup will help: content.xml , Scenery* folders, DCE folder ). Sometime its also hardware, you can try to set a fps limit in nvidia control center ( if you own nvidia ).

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Ref to the CTD CTD, but only when in World Maps - #3 by PhoenixHahn

Submitted a ticket to zendesk… stressed…

CTD when clicking “Ready to Fly” under World Maps Free flight mode as the title suggests

tried with both DLSS disabled and enabled. Community folder empty, FBW and Volanta uninstalled,
My Specs:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 8Gb Laptop GPU
Driver version 516.94 Game Ready Driver (tried switching to Studio version, still the same)
32Gb RAM,
1 TB ssd. Still Crashes when I click “Ready to fly” free flight mode. every time. other game mode is fine: training, TopGun, Landing Challenges etc. Especially after SU10

I Uninstalled and did clean installation of MSFS from Steam.
changed, swapped all kind of settings I can think of while browsing MSFS forums

Still crashes.

Fault bucket 1695930952684268082, type 4

Status Open
Platform [PC] Digital - Steam
Gamertag phoenixhahn
Operating System Windows 11
Operating system build version 10.0.22000 Build 22000
I’m having the following problem I’m experiencing CTDs/Crashing issues
Type of crash (if applicable) I click ‘Fly Now!’ then the sim crashes
Microsoft Flight Simulator Build version

Peripherals & Controllers
Logitech Mouse USB Keyboard ThrustMaster TCA Sidestick and Quadrant
Have you installed files in the “Community” folder?

Content inside the Community Folder
FlybyWire folders for A32nx

3rd party software and programs
Volanta Flybywire Simbrief

Is dev mode activated?
No, dev mode wasn’t activated

Aircraft model
any aircraft. does not matter which

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yes… thanks… did you find the error message within the Windows Event Viewer too ? ( eventvw )

yeah, the fault bucket thing right? Fault bucket 1695930952684268082, type 4

I’ve decided to reset my windows… clean clean clean install.


is there nothing like this , which seemingly related to MSFS ?

( sorry , I have currently no example with an ERROR, get no CTSs in MSFS :sweat_smile: )

oh I’m not sure about this one. but the fault bucket one, yes… now too late to open that one back… haha, we’ll see how it goes after FRESH installation. fingers crossed


the fault-bucket is the ID for the error report send to MS… that we can not acces :slight_smile:

I wish you luck if you already startet reseting windows :slight_smile:

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Did you have any luck? I just purchased MSFS a few days ago and I’m having the same issue with a pretty similar PC setup.